Recently we were talking about Minecraft running on a gadget a.k.a. Android Wear and today it´s Minecraft´s turn to demonstrate the same capabilities. Yes, it does sounds like a strange concept but, guess what? It looks like it is completely possible.

Minecraft´s world and servers are full of super creative and amazing forms and creations, from castles and rebuilt cities to art and innovative inventions. Today we have nothing less than an iPhone replica, we do know that there are many iPhone allusive creations out there but what makes this one different from the others is that it actually works.

Tom Shuffle is the name of the creator of this work. It is necessary to say that the phone won´t allow you to call your friends or text them but, inside the game, you can sweep over the screen and see it changing or using the passcode function, all this is showed in this video that was uploaded to YouTube getting lots of attention and recognition from Minecraft community.

Everything starts with an iPhone black screen, just like when the real one is on sleep mode. Next, the phone starts off and it asks for the password, and once you submit it, this gigantic phone made out of blocks opens the main screen and shows all sorts of icons referring to popular apps and widgets included with the iPhone. It´s truly surprising!

Not impressed enough? Well, this Minecraft-style iPhone features a slot machine game that can be played. Wondering how many hours it took Tom Shuffle to recreate this great creation and how many blocks and circuits are involved in it, can you make a guess?

So what is more amazing for you? Minecraft working on Android Wear or the iPhone running in Minecraft? All the hypixel YouTubers find both of them fantastic just as they are. 

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