Pure bodybuilding is a sport that involves using only your own bodyweight and nothing else to build muscle. This kind of training has been around for decades and is still practiced today by many athletes who use it as their primary method of strength training.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what pure bodybuilding is, how you can get started and why you should do it to improve your health and fitness.

The first thing to know about bodybuilding, or any other type of weight training, is that you need the right equipment. You will need dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc. If you don’t have access to these things you won’t be able to train with them – period!

If you are looking for a way to get into some serious muscle building without paying for expensive gym memberships, then you might want to consider doing something called “pure bodybuilding” instead of conventional bodybuilding. While not every single person who trains in a gym does so via pure bodybuilding methods, there are a lot of people out there who are using it more often than they would if they were going to a traditional gym.

You may also hear the term “no-impact exercise” used with respect to pure bodybuilding. This simply refers to exercises that don’t involve impact.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to perform pure bodybuilding exercises in order to figure out whether or not they work and why they are being used so much.

What Is Bodybuilding?

A good definition of bodybuilding is when an athlete uses his or her own bodyweight to develop a physique based on a specific goal (i.e. winning a competition). While many people perform bodybuilding workouts, some people specialize in one particular area of the sport such as posing or bikini competitions.

There are different types of bodybuilding exercises, including but not limited to:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench presses
  • Pull ups
  • Crunches
  • Planks

(Of course, there are lots more ways to workout.)

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Why Would Someone Do Pure Bodybuilding Exercises?

As you probably guessed from the name of the sport, pure bodybuilding exercises rely on you to lift weights using your body alone. There is no need for special equipment like dumbbells, barbells, or even weight plates.

While conventional bodybuilders typically do weight training three times per week, pure bodybuilders work out five days per week.

This means that you only need to buy enough dumbbells and equipment to allow for all the exercises you plan to do each time you go to the gym. For example, if you decide to do squats three times a week, it could mean you only need two sets of dumbbells because you will be getting plenty of rest between each session.

By doing pure bodybuilding exercises, you can save money on gyms as well. When you have to pay for expensive facilities, membership fees, and equipment, you may be tempted to skip working out altogether.

Instead, you can just head to your local park, pool, or beach and workout in the comfort of your home, which will give you a chance to build up your muscles while avoiding the expense.

Another reason why people choose pure bodybuilding over conventional methods is due to the fact that it allows for greater flexibility in terms of dieting. Instead of trying to keep track of calories and other nutritional factors when following a conventional diet, you can just focus on increasing your muscle mass.

Benefits Of Pure Bodybuilding

When you perform pure bodybuilding exercises, you will notice several benefits immediately. Not only will you feel stronger, you will have less risk of injury too since there is no impact involved during the workout.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you will also see better results faster. The truth is, most people who use bodybuilding exercises on a regular basis end up seeing impressive changes within a few months of starting.

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With that said, here are some reasons why you should include pure bodybuilding exercises in your routine:

  • It’s fun. Bodybuilding is a highly enjoyable activity that helps you get in touch with your inner self. In other words, you will find yourself laughing and smiling throughout your workout sessions.
  • It’s easy. As mentioned above, you don’t necessarily need any extra equipment to perform pure bodybuilding exercises. Simply grab your dumbbells, pick up your kettle bell, and you’re ready to go.
  • It’s natural. Because pure bodybuilding doesn’t require the use of heavy weights, you aren’t putting unnecessary stress on your joints and tendons.
  • It gets results. Pure bodybuilding gives you the opportunity to build up your entire body. It works your entire core, arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, abs, etc.
  •  It makes you healthier. By performing pure bodybuilding exercises, you will burn fat and increase your lean muscle mass. This will allow you to stay fit longer.
  • It makes you happier. By spending less time worrying about how much weight you lift, you will be able to spend more time enjoying life. Not to mention it’s fun!

How To Get Started With Pure Bodybuilding

Before you start practicing pure bodybuilding exercises, you need to make sure that you are healthy and comfortable lifting weights. Here are some ways to prepare for this:

  • Get a thorough medical exam.
  • Discuss the procedure with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.
  • Set reasonable goals and stick to them.

Tips For Doing Pure Bodybuilding

Here are some additional tips for doing pure bodybuilding exercises correctly:

  • Don’t lift anything heavier than you can comfortably handle.
  • Keep your form tight when doing exercises. If you find yourself struggling, stop and correct your technique.
  • Remember to warm up prior to exercising.
  • Rest properly after each workout.
  • Take protein supplements after each workout.
  • Do cardio after each workout.
  • Focus on proper nutrition.

Pure bodybuilding is a great way to build muscle quickly, improve your cardiovascular system, and become more confident in your abilities. With this in mind, you should definitely give it a try and see what you think of it!