Bacopa has many benefits for our brain. Have you wondered what are these Bacopa benefits? Bacopa may balance certain neurotransmitters. It helps to protect our brain and neurons. The effects are, we feel an increase in concentration, reaction time, and memory. Also, it reduces our stress. It may reduce depression and anxiety. It is the best Nootropics and is even made from herbal products.

Hindus used Bacopa in Ayurvedic medicine as a Rasayana for several thousand years. The Rasayana was a term used as the science of lengthening lifespan. There are other names for this magnificent herb include Moneywort. Herb of Grace or Water Hyssop.

Nowadays, this herb’s used in a way not only increase our sense of wholesomeness. It also can help us to reverse the age-related decline in physical and mental areas of our life.

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the natural nootropics. It helps your memory and concentration. Also, it increases Cerebral blood flow and Neuroprotection. Hindus have shown great respect for this herb over the years. They named this superior herb “Brahmi”. It’s named after the Hindu creator god Brahma.

Bacopa re-energizes our brain and mind

The Hindu herb Bacopa contains compounds called Bacosides. These chemical compounds are a mixture of dammarane-type triterpenoid saponins. They contain sugar chains linked to an asteroid Anglican skeleton.

These Bacosides have the ability in promoting new nerve growth and repair damaged neurons. These effects will improve our brain’s neuron communication. Also, they will help to improve our mental performance and cognitive function.

For a long time, people have known the primary usage of Bacopa. Its capabilities are to promote memory recall and other mental functions of our brain. Below are some of the Bacopa benefits found by the researchers.

Bacopa benefits #1: Lessen Depression

The Banaras Hindu University in India has conducted a study of Bacopa Monniera. They have found patients with crucial depression will feel less depressed. The result was quite comparable to those patients who have taken the drug Imipramine.

Bacopa benefits #2: Reduce Anxiety

Many studies had done on humans with Bacopa supplements. The results shown may help to reduce anxiety and stress. These clinical studies also have shown you need regular taking of Bacopa for the best results.

Bacopa benefits #3: Anti-Fungal properties

The International Journal of Pharmacology has published a study. It found Bacopa has antifungal properties to work against the following. Such as Aspergillus Niger (it causes lung disease and fungal ear infections). Aspergillus flavus (it infects the brain and lungs. And it produces aflatoxin, a carcinogen), etc…

Bacopa benefits #4: Cognitive Function

Bacopa is known for thousands of years as a brain tonic in India. The traditional usage of Bacopa is improving memory, concentration, and learning capabilities. Recent research has back up all these usages. A study has been done in New South Wales, Australia for older, healthy Australians. They found Bacopa indeed has a superior ability to improve memory retention and acquisition.

Bacopa benefits #5: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For patients with severe diarrhea. It’s associated with irritable bowel syndrome. A study has been done taking Indian bael fruit with Bacopa. It found this combination is more effective than conventional treatment.

Bacopa benefits #6: Cancer Prevention and Treatment

In the age of Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa used in the treatment of cancer. A study has been done on mice in 1995. They found Bacopa has caused the suicide of cancer cells. Of course, the full anti-cancer potential of Bacopa is still needed for further research.

Conclusion for Bacopa Benefits

The above Bacopa benefits are some of the many cognitive benefits affecting our brain. Bacopa is the Number ONE Herbal Nootropic. It has existed in the Hindus world for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. No matter what you are looking for. Certainly, there should be some Bacopa benefits that will meet your needs for the health of your brain.