Minecraft can be somewhat confusing for those who first get started in this game of blocks. Here are the most useful tips and shortcuts that every Minecraft newcomer must learn. You can also find more about the author of this article here.

Sometimes playing a game is as easy as just hitting the start button and letting the adventure begin. Plenty of games include tutorials and pop-ups that guide players through the challenges on their first time around, and this makes them much easier to navigate. However, this is not the case of Minecraft.

The Minecraft World is so wonderful that every corner has a surprise waiting, and it is easy for Minecraft newcomers to get lost at first. You have several ways to play and such a wide amount of options is exactly what makes it a never-ending game. But first, let’s get some perspective so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Even though it is a self-made aims game, it can be argued that the game does have a final objective – spoiler alert! – and that is killing the Ender Dragon. In order to accomplish that you will need several elements to access in the Dragons Lair. That is one of the ways of playing Minecraft. Nevertheless, as we told you in the beginning, you can play in very different modes.

It´s important for you to have all the possible knowledge of what you can do in the game, or at least several tips, in order to play with all the tools and experience the game in its total magnificence. So check these guidelines and go from Minecraft Newcomer to Pro.

Get Away from the Dark and Get Some Food!

It is important to remember that this game is a survival game. There are two basic things that are important in Minecraft: Go to the light and get some food. During the day is time for exploration and building refugees. When the night comes the terror comes along with it. All the deadly mobs will appear during the darkest hours, almost from nowhere and they will hunt you down. If you are lucky you will have some armor and weapons with you, but if it surprises you, no matter how far or fast you run, it will be almost impossible to hide from them and that´s why you need to have a shelter where to spend the night.

Another important tip is getting food. While traveling around the world of Minecraft your energy will wear out and when it gets to zero, your life will start to disappear. The food is important for two reasons: First, because when is full you will recover your lost life; second, if you are getting hungry you will lose a life. You can get fed by gathering vegetables and hunting animals and cooking their meat. Also, there are different food recipes in order to recover your food bar.

Check our video tutorial to learn more about how to get your own food!

Is very important to know where you are in the game. Getting lost is very easy in Minecraft and that is actually one of your worst

You have several ways to know where you are going. The most practical way is using the Sun and the clouds. The Sun in Minecraft rises from the East and sets on the West. So, for example, if you want to go South you need to go to your right.

Another way of knowing where you are is by using different elements like stones or roads or even the land (like mountains, forests, lakes). It is recommended to mark the spots when going on exploration so you always know how to go back.

You also have the option of creating maps of the area. By using elements as papers and compass, you can create maps and use them to travel. If you expand your map area you will be able to have a wider vision of the land.

The last and one of the technical ways is using the coordinates. When pressing F3 you will be able to see the actual coordinate that you are. So remember when you were before will be useful to guide you.

If you want to build something huge, simply several houses, or just store all your stuff in one place, you will need construction elements and gather materials. Having the right tool for the right element is important, as the duration of your tool will depend on how well you use it. That is something to have in mind if you are gathering materials.

One of the most amazing things to do in Minecraft is exploring the land. You will never know where you will find a Temple, a town, or even some new cave with lots of wonders. Is really nice to enjoy a trip where you will try to find yourself and also some good treasures along the way. Perhaps is a great opportunity to gather more or new materials in order to build more incredible things.

These tips are almost the fundamentals of Minecraft, and with this information in mind, it is going to be a lot easier to survive. This game demands players to use almost all their senses and attention skills in order to get what they need and to escape from the fatal mobs. Use all the knowledge you can gather and try to find new secret places and treasures. It´s time to live the adventure of your life!! Are you ready?