If you are new in PUBG Mobile, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some tips that you can use so you can easily adapt and cope up with the game. Following these tips will also allow you to easily advance in the game so you can turn the battle into your favor.

As a beginner, one of the important things that you need to learn and understand is the looting. It is crucial that you are very efficient in looting in the game because it contributes to your overall success and you’ll have more chances to survive. It is also important that you make decisions very quickly and you should not spend most of your time picking up items. It is advisable to keep moving while grabbing items so the enemy won’t be able to kill you. If you notice that there are enemies in the area where you are in, then you should grab a gun and keep yourself protected.

It is also critical that you give importance to your ammunition. This aspect of the game can be very tricky. So make sure to pick up all kinds of ammo during the first couple of minutes in the game until you are able to find the best set of weapons that you are comfortable using. It is also advisable to drop ammunition that aren’t necessary from your bag so you can make space for other items. It is also advisable to mark the ammunition that you have dropped so your teammate can use it when necessary. You should also pay attention to the amount of ammunition that you have so you will know whether you are running out of it or not.

One of the key strategies that allow you to win in PUBG is to share resources with your teammates. You should never hoard any items that you are not going to use because it will just be pointless. So instead, make sure to pass it on to your teammate who might actually need it. Consequently, make sure to mark items on the ground and let your teammates know about it especially if you are able to find extra ammo, heals or scopes.

When playing the game, it is also advisable to use the best graphic settings. You should choose the smooth setting together with maximum frame rate available in the game for your device so you can have a good view of the game and at the same time, you’ll have an amazing gaming experience.

Lastly, headphones is a must when playing PUBG so you can hear all the happenings in the game or in the area where you are in. You can also easily communicate with your team in the game with your headphones so it is really a must.

Overall, for you to win in PUBG, it is important that you follow certain strategies. If you are now ready to get started, you can buy cheap pubg accounts so you can start the game.