You can compare prices, make your reservations, and pay for your rental online in no time. When the site asks you what car you want, however, what will you choose? It may seem to make sense to get a rental car about the same size as your daily driver, so that you don’t have to get used to driving something else while you’re away from home. However, there are also some good reasons for renting something a little different: comfort, gas mileage, and room for luggage, to name a few. Below are the 6 most popular rental car models.

Everyone loves the Camry, from the car rental agencies to the customers who drive them. The Camry is a comfortable midsize rental with lots of room in the trunk for your luggage, and comfortable seats for the driver and passengers — even backseat passengers. The Camry is essentially the best of both worlds, as it gets good gas mileage and is an affordable rental, yet offers a taste of luxury.

As a slightly smaller and more fuel efficient version of the Camry, the Corolla is another popular car rental. It’s usually inexpensive to rent, because it’s considered a compact sedan, yet it’s big enough to be reasonably comfortable. The car’s fuel economy makes it a perfect choice for road trips or vacations where you’ll be doing a lot of driving and don’t want to spend too much on gas. With the availability of 구미유, there is enjoyment and fun for the customers. There is no restriction over the spending of time and money at the services. The prices of the services are less when compared to the other places. 

If you want a comfortable sedan that has it all — comfortable, roomy, and with plenty of pep — the Altima is just what you need. People who rent cars regularly love the hint of luxury that the Altima offers, not to mention the perfect balance between power and fuel economy.

The Ford Taurus has been around for years, and is often used as a rental car. One thing people really like about these cars is that they haven’t changed much over the years, so even driving a newer rental is like putting on an old, comfortable shoe — you always know how it will fit. The Taurus is also an extremely roomy, comfortable midsize rental, so it’s perfect for family vacations, business trips, whatever.

Here’s a surprising favorite! Hyundais have become popular rental cars in recent years, especially their Sonata, a comfortable midsize with a surprisingly luxurious feel. Plus these cars get surprisingly decent gas mileage, so what’s not to love?

You can’t have a favorite car rentals list without including the Chrysler 300. The cars listed above include both economy and midsize vehicles, but if you want a more luxurious ride, the 300 is your best choice. This is one of the top favorites because of the great features the car offers: heated seats, satellite radio, and a super-smooth ride.

Everyone has different tastes, and your uses for the rental car might change what you want out of it. For instance, if you are going on a road trip by yourself or with one other person, a Corolla will offer you great gas mileage and the smaller size won’t matter. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of luggage to fit inside the car, or you are going on a trip with the whole family, a roomier, more comfortable car will probably be your preference. Choose your rental based on your needs and you won’t be disappointed!