Your throat is one of the most ignored parts of your body. Glass pipes can have a tremendous effect on throat pain. The throat functions for both the respiratory and digestive systems. It helps us to speak, swallow, breathe and cough. When we smoke through a glass pipe, it can cause severe pain and discomfort. It is a sensitive part because it has blood vessels and nerves, which help us feel everything that passes through, such as smoke. Saliva keeps our throat moist and all the cells and nerves in it. It also protects it from bacteria entering into our throat so all microorganisms are neutralized by the acids in the stomach. The products manufactured by voopoo are very famous and are trusted by almost all the customers. The products have good reviews. There are many products manufactured by the company. People can choose the desired one from the range. 

That is why we feel pain when our throat becomes dry or sensitive. Exposure to smoke from a glass pipe can result in a very dry throat. E-liquid ingredients rarely cause a sore throat. However, e-liquid bases can irritate a sensitive throat. Even more so, the smoke from a glass pipe can really hurt of the throat is extra dry. A large number of e-liquids contain a few components, including an oil base, flavoring and nicotine. The most common bases are vegetable glycerol (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) or a mixture of both. Marijuana tends to be smother on the throat, but only when smoked through a bong or vaporizer. Hand Pipes tend to be short, which means the heat from the lighter is pretty close to your throat when you smoke out of one. VG and PG reduce liquid nicotine’s boiling point. This helps it evaporate without the need of combustion and fire. Since both bases attract moisture, long-term vaping can make your mouth dry or lead to sore throat. Similarly, long term marijuana smoking from a glass pipe can make your mouth and throat soar.

It can also make your throat sensitive. The concentrated amounts of tar and nicotine found in conventional cigarettes also damage the throat. While these are not present in marijuana, glass pipe smoke can cause a similar feeling without the long term damage. An effective way to prevent a sensitive throat is to stay adequately hydrated. In addition, there’s many kinds of glass pipes, and some are smoother than others. All people fond of conventional cigarettes or vaping devices must keep a water bottle with them at all times. The right blend of PG and VG in e-liquids can be attained through extensive testing. The perfect ratio of vapor and flavor guarantees minimal discomfort while vaping or smoking through a novelty hand pipe.

Tips for Smoking or Vaping with a Sensitive Throat

If you a habitual smoker, your throat becomes dry easily. Consume plenty of clear fluids to ease strain and dryness on your throat. This will help you in a pleasurable smoking or vaping experience with less discomfort and throat sensitivity. By following these tips, you can experience less discomfort and pain while smoking with a sensitive throat.

Gargle with Salt Water

Salt water works great for reducing throat inflammation. It enhances the blood flow in the throat for encouraging healing.

Drink Honey with Tea

Mix honey in your tea for soothing throat inflammation and sensitivity. You can also mix a teaspoon of honey in a cup of lukewarm water to drink it every morning for a less sensitive throat.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier assists you in breathing and is great for smoking with a sensitive throat. Although it does little to protect your lungs, you can use a humidifier in case you are smoking with an itchy or dry throat.

Use the Right Type of Glass Pipe

Check out the selection of glass pipes at At an online headshop, you can find a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, some of which are smoother on the throat than others. For example, a Sherlock pipe is shaped like an “S” pushing both the bowl and the flame further from your face. These, along with the longer counterpart, Gandalf Pipes, are much smoother than the traditional glass spoon pipe. For an extra smooth rip, grab a glass bubbler. You will be amazed how helpful water filtration is to a soar or sensitive throat.