When your tooth hurts and is decaying, it may be time for an endodontic root procedure. There is nothing worse than an awful toothache and the sooner you get to the dentist to have it resolved, the better. Not only will a trip to the dentist resolve the pain but you could also be saving your natural tooth. Endodontics is the field of dentistry that treats the soft tissue in your mouth that resides under your teeth. In Plano and Arlington, Texas, root canal treatment can be performed by our qualified and professional dentists at Premier Family Dentistry.

If your tooth is decaying or you have inflamed tissue, it can affect the entire soft tissue area. When there is decay and infection inside a tooth, the root and the rest of the area can be in tremendous pain.

Anyone can be a candidate for root canal therapy. Infections and inflammation can occur inside the tooth area and it can stem from a variety of things including a crack, injury, a bad implant, or just decay. If you don’t treat these kinds of infections, you will experience serious pain or develop an abscess.

We have all heard jokes and stories about this famous dental procedure, but they are not painful like they used to be! Huge improvements in dental technology have made visits to the dentist easy and comfortable. At our office, we have great services and convenient treatments to make your experience comfortable.

Getting this done today is almost like a filling procedure or other mild dental procedure. The process can be done in a few visits and the entire amount of time will be dependent on what you need and your personal situation. Our staff will put you at ease during the appointment and we will do our very best to make you comfortable. To help you keep your teeth healthy, you can check this Steel Bite Pro review. This will give you more information about this effective and trusted solutions. 

Why Getting Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Teeth

When you receive this endodontic procedure, you are essentially saving your tooth and preventing the need for dentures, bridges, or implants. This entire process will save your real tooth from completely dying and having to be removed. Dealing with the infection right away is vital to getting your tooth back to full health.

  • The endodontic surgery begins with the removal of the soft tissue that is inside the tooth area.
  • The infected area is then cleaned and disinfected.
  • The area is filled with a rubber-like filler.
  • When the tooth is all prepared and sealed, a crown or dental filling is placed to protect the treated area. The tooth will now be recovered and all the pain will be gone.
  • Your smile will look great again
  • The healed tooth can now give the surrounding teeth support and strong oral health.
  • You can eat fine and speak without feeling pain.
  • Your bite will feel comfortable and normal

Holding on to your real teeth for as long as you can is always the best option. Getting root canal therapy will correct any issues that could cause long-term tooth loss and cut back on all those unnecessary dental visits. It is important to take good care of your teeth with regular flossing, brushing, and routine cleanings. If you provide the proper care, your surgery tooth repair should last a very long time.

In rare cases, the procedure may not heal correctly. Non-healing usually happens when the material used for protecting the teeth was not able to keep it from being polluted, or other canals were not showing in exams that still need to be treated.

If you experience additional decay in your teeth after your first procedure, it’s important to treat it right away, so you don’t damage the tooth that has already been treated. You want to avoid continued infection or decay in any additional teeth as well.

The goal of root canal therapy is to save your real tooth, but in some cases it may not be possible. Dental implants are a great secondary alternative in the event that you may have to remove the infected tooth. In some situations, a combination of a root canal procedure, implants or partial and full dentures can be a great option to cure horrible tooth pain, decay and ongoing problems that become a huge headache to the patient.