Your man is down on one knee. With his hand on yours and a little red box on his other hand. Around are a few people looking over with wide beady eyes. You could almost hear them saying ‘Awww…’ Your man opens up the red box and at the sight of the sparkling diamond, he says, ‘Will you marry me?’ These are scenes that play over and over again in most if not every woman’s mind. The chance to say “I do” is yearned for by women. However, getting your man to propose is the destination, getting him to commit is a real journey. Relationship commitment attracts women as much as it repulses men. Relationships are not easy but understanding what are some of the reasons why women want relationship commitment from their men will make it easier for you.

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Relationships Are Not Easy – Most Women Are Emotional Beings

Most women are known to be emotional beings. They are not afraid of revealing their feelings unlike men who are have macho-like tendencies and have egos to protect. Your girlfriend will seek commitment from you for her emotional security. The desire to be loved, cared for, comforted and respected is very important to a woman. In order to satisfy her emotional hunger, your lady may cling to you and demand commitment from you. One of the key reasons is that relationship commitment gives her the satisfaction and security of being in a relationship despite knowing that relationships are not easy. It protects her from possible pain due to heartbreak in case of sudden breakup.

Relationships Are Not Easy – Most Men Are Adventurous Beings

With emotional security comes mental security. Most men are known to be adventurous beings, hopping from one woman to the next. When you commit to a woman, you are giving her the assurance that she is the only woman in your life. You may have loved other women in the past. But in a woman’s mind, committing to her symbolizes a greater love for her than for all other women you may have been with. With mental security, trust can be built in your relationship because of the assurance and the security. It also helps her alleviate fear of the unknown. Without commitment, there is a probability you may break up or you may stay together. With commitment, your girlfriend or fiancée is to an extent confident about the outcome of your relationship.

Relationships Are Not Easy – A Sense Of Financial And Physical Stability

Relationship commitment also gives women physical security. The need to be grounded and stable is important to both men and women. Since the early days, women have been brought up to believe that men are providers of the home. Therefore, commitment means that your woman will feel a sense of financial and physical stability. She will feel stable enough to start and bring up a family in a secure environment.

Relationships Are Not Easy – Women Want Closeness

Oftentimes we hear women complaining that their men are not available for them. All they do is go out with their friends, drink themselves silly, then come back home to a nice home-cooked dinner. Commitment comes with uttering that you will be there for your woman. This is probably another reason why women seek commitment. If you are not careful, your woman will probably ensnare you with your words. They will constantly remind you that you have committed to be there for them whenever needed. Therefore, your partner may seek commitment out of her desire for more closeness with you.

Relationships Are Not Easy – Wrong Reasons

Your partner may however want relationship commitment for all the wrong reasons. The years may be catching up with her, her friends may all be getting married, she may not want to be alone. The reason for committing should always be carefully thought out otherwise, there is a probability that you may spend the rest of your lives unhappy.

Relationships are not easy and can never be easier. There bound to be fights and arguments if you do not understand each other well enough. Lots of efforts and patience are required to maintain a good relationship. However, understanding why your partner wants a commitment from you is the key step to ensure a happy and harmonious relationship.