Rainbow six siege is a game that requires one to plan, set traps, aim and shoot. Blindly going into the traps in the game will kill the players. That is why this game is said to an intelligent one if one knows exactly how to play it. This is a shooter game which is the multiplayer mode most of the time, with 5-players in each team. One can use various weapons and gadgets for seeing and settings traps for the opponents. One can also use the destructible environment like buildings, walls, floors etc. to one’s advantage. In the end, it is all about which team is alive and has completed the mission. Read ahead, to know about features and operators in the game.

Major features of the game

Some of the traits and features of this game that makes it different and popular are:

  • Destructibility

This game allows the players to destroy almost everything. This feature stands to be one of the biggest advantages in the game. One can put charge, bombs and bullets through the buildings and contrite structures. This can help attack with an element of surprise, for catching the enemies off guard when in battle. Also, the destructible environment allows putting up traps while playing on the defensive.

  • Operators

In most shooter games, one will choose an avatar at the very start of the game. This avatar then, keep modifying and developing through the game. But, in rainbow six sieges, the players can pick from 52 operators before every battle and game. This allows the player to experiment with new operators and also try out new abilities and skills that are provided by the operators.

  • Renown

Rainbow six siege, like other games, have their in-game currency. This currency is called, as renown. Renown can be throughout the game by playing various missions and completing them. One can earn more ‘renown’ by completing terrorist missions, multiplayer matches, and situations. Also, one can by watching tutorials and completing weekly and daily challenges. It can be used for ark survival evolved cheap.

  • Artificial intelligence archetypes

The AI archetype enemies are used, in the terrorist hunt mode of the game. AI can do almost everything that the players can do. The worst thing is that they are the enemies and, thus, the risk increases multifold. Also, they are unpredictable and, is managed, by strategy managers to make the mission difficult.

Major operators of the game

When it comes to choosing the right operator for the mission, one may get all confused. After all, there are 52 operators in two categories of defenders and attackers. Every single operator has their own set of abilities that can be used, in one way or other. Here is the list of 5 operators that stands to be the most popular choice among players.

  • Doc (defender)

 he is the healer and has stim pistol which is used, to revive teammates using hypodermic shots. The shots can give one 140 health units.

  • Jager (defender)

he is an operator who uses anti grenade turrets to be placed, in places. The operator used mostly 4160C rifle (carbine assault).

  • Frost (defender)

this operator can place grizzle mats which are extensive traps for practically destroying the legs of the opponents.

  • Sledge (attacker)

for those who are new to maps, sledge’s hammer can be quite effective. It can breach any wall or boundary and can kill anyone in a melee.

  • Thermite (attacker)

this attacker is a great addition in teams in affordable ways. It can use any charged up claymores to breach walls and can kill some on the other side as well.

Tips to excel in the game

Some of the tips that can help excel in this game are:

  • Always play in single-player mode to learn the ways before jumping into the main multilayer missions.
  • Listen to the sounds that can be heard in the game, whether they are blasts or footsteps.
  • Listening to sounds can be time and life-saving at the same time.
  • One should always look below the barricades before blowing up any door to avoid getting into a shoot out.
  • One should sprint to cancel any reload at mid of the attack against a fully loaded gun to avoid getting shot.
  • Read and understand the map carefully before playing in multiplayer missions. Most of the time the map can help to get out of tricky situations unscathed.

From choosing the operator or reading the map to choosing the weapons, this game can pose a challenge at almost every step. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the elements in rainbow six siege before taking up challenges.