Yearly there’s more than a handful of sports games that are released for basically every game platform. Nicktoons MLB 3D isn’t much of an exception to the “dime a dozen” rule and it doesn’t help that it’s a port of the DS version that we saw less than a year ago. Luckily, they did make some changes in the form of a couple new Nicktoons characters and a new mini-game.

What Nicktoons MLB has going for it is the fact that it’s the first baseball game to hit the shelves for the 3DS and the first released in 3D ever. It’s lacking in originality considering the “it’s a darn port” aspect, but I guess it is being innovative in a sense. That being said, it doesn’t feel a whole heck of a lot different than other arcade baseball games out there.

Nicktoons MLB 3D plays like a classic arcade baseball game- no weirdness added in and rather straight forward. When on defense, each button corresponds to a different pitch. On offensive, you have a button for hitting and bunting. The D-Pad helps to aim your shot. Once you pick your pitch you hold the button down to raise the power meter of the pitch. When fielding, each of the four buttons corresponds to a base. As the buttons on the 3DS are laid out like a baseball field, it’s pretty instinctual what button you press to throw where. It’s an easy to use interface which I suppose is standard for a game that’s geared towards the younger audiences. It also helps for people like me who know nearly nothing about sports. With the selection of the right playing tools, the games can be played at the personal computer. The software compatibility should be checked to play online games. Games PC Download option is provided to the players to play games from home with comfort and convenience. The use of the skills and expertise should be there to win more in online games. 

Nicktoons MLB 3d also has an optional addition to the game known as the“Turbo Meter”. This slowly fills up as you play from doing things like hitting a home run, stealing a base etc. Once filled the meter blinks and you can activate turbo. Turbo while hitting gives you a guaranteed home run if you connect with the ball and gives you a guaranteed strike out when pitching.

The graphics are… well, they leave a bit to be desired due to the fact that the game was ported from the DS. Character models are often pixilated, and there’s a lot of moments of slow motion and serious lag. The 3D aspect of the game is pretty disappointing, as well. It feels like the 3D was thrown in as an after thought and could have definitely used more work.

The Nicktoons look decent enough, but it’s a very different story for the MLB guys. Everyone looks exactly alike- the uniform is the only thing that changes. I assume because they were looking to please a younger audience with the Nicktoons characters, they didn’t put much thought into the MLB characters.

On the bright side, the MLB stadium looks as they should and you can tell them apart from one another. There’s even some cute “Nicktoons” style stadiums to play in, as well.

I’m disappointed that Black Lantern went with a direct port of Nicktoons MLB. I borrowed my cousin’s copy of the original DS title and I feel as if I played the same game twice over. Sure, they added a few doo-dads but there was nothing I felt was worth of a new game. The graphics were very disappointing for a 3DS title, the game lagged constantly and it felt rushed over all.

The gameplay was easy and fun, which helps the game along, but I can’t say it’s a saving grace for Nicktoons MLB 3D. That being said, I have to have a little love for anything involving Spongebob Squarepants.