Minecraft is a top-rated video game by Sandbox. It was developed in the year 2009 by Mojang Studios. This game is a building and destroying based video game. In this, the player has to build his village in the terrain selected. 3-d blocks represent the game’s character. The player will discover various raw resources in the landscape that they can use for developing the village. Whenever a player develops some negative effect, they can attack any town. This negative effect is Minecraft’s bad omen effect.

What is Minecraft Bad Omen Effect?

The bad omen effect is a negative status that can lead to the raid on the village. Whenever a player with a bad omen effect enters the town, spawning of hostile mob group happens. This bad omen effect is given to the player for a reason. Whenever the player kills the patrol or outpost pillager during the raid, he gets the Minecraft bad omen effect. There are certain levels of bad omen effect. If this effect is low, then fewer cross bowers will attack the village. If this effect is more significant, then the crossbows aiming at your town will be much more in number.

 This Bad omen effect can last for 60 minutes, but if you keep on defeating captains of various villages, outposts, and patrols. Now the question is how the spawning of pillagers will be effected due toMinecraft Bad Omen Effect.

Do pillagers spawn during the Bad Omen Effect?

Yes, as the player having a bad omen effect enters your village, the spawning will start. Some hostile pillagers will spawn automatically as they sense the bad omen effect. These spawning will leads to a raid between the player and the pillagers. The spawning will depend on the level of Bad omen a player is having. If the player kills one captain, then he will get a low bad omen effect. This will lead to a little spawning, which will fight the players. They may not be having crossbows with them.

Suppose the player with this effect keeps on killing more and more patrol and outpost pillager captains, the effect will pile up. This pilling up will lead to two things: one is the time of effect will increase and other that the number of spawns will increase. Not only do they grow in the number, but they also get the crossbow, which will increase the destruction many folds.

How to come over Bad Omen Effect

It is advised to the players that you should drink milk if you want to remove your Minicraft Bad Omen effect. For this, you need a cow and a bucket. If you don’t have both of them, you can opt mushroom to remove the Bad omen.


A bad omen effect can be hazardous for the player. The greater the impact, the huge will be the army you need to fight. So, take care that while playing, don’t kill the captain who can be easily recognized. If you get it by any chance, then try to remove it as soon as possible.