Sometimes, you hear any tune of fewer words of a song that you don’t know the name of. And then, you go to youtube, type those words and search for the song. You may have done this multiple times. Youtube is the best place to find any song easier. Going to youtube, searching the song, and then listening to it sucks when you have less data speed and a low battery. That is how the need for tools that convert YouTube to mp3 & mp4 online rose.

A youtube to mp3 converter is used to convert the video file into an mp3 audio file. A youtube to mp4 converter is used to convert the video file into the mp4 audio or mp4 video file. Youtube does not allow its users to save the youtube video on their phone’s media storage. As long as you can do it, download the video and access it from your youtube account. In this case, if you want a video downloaded and saved to your phone storage, you should use a youtube to mp4 video converter.

If you searched on search engines, you would see plenty of options for converting video files into audio and downloading youtube videos. These are the online tools that require only a few steps to convert a video into audio or mp4 video format. Normally, many YouTube to mp4 video converters involves common steps for conversion. They provide a box where a user is required to paste the copied link of the YouTube video. Then it processes and displays the video which you have requested in the box. You can further select what options you want, such as mp3/mp4 audio file, mp4 video file, size, resolution extra. Converting video to an audio file is also a matter of a few steps that vary from converter to converter.

Picking the perfect video to audio converter

As the technology runs faster with needs, it made available several options for you to choose any one video to audio converter among all. But without any prior knowledge, you can’t find the best one. Here is a list of things you should look for in a converter before choosing it.

  • Paid or free

There are two types of conversion tools available online. Those are paid and free versions. Going for any of both free and paid versions will work fabulously to convert video to audio files. The free version will always be a perk for you.

  • Video options

Normally, all conversion tools offer greater video options such as video qualities, resolutions, sizes, etc. But, checking the video quality of the tool is necessary.

  • More conversion options

While selecting a conversion tool, you should go for the one which includes more formatting and conversion options such as mp3/mp4 audio file, mp4 video file, video compression, merging two videos or audios. So that you do not need to find another conversion tool to convert your video file into another format.

  • Faster conversion

Some conversion tools offer faster conversion of videos in other formats, whereas some take much time for conversions. This time-consuming conversion process can frustrate you. So, select the one which has a faster conversion ability.


Additionally, you can also go through the customer reviews of tools to compare the best ones with each other.