It’s a wonderful acknowledgment that you are able to change your appearance in many ways. You have makeup, plastic surgery, hair dye, etc. Many women and men take advantage of this because it’s nice to be able to change your style and experiment with your look.

Today we are going to talk about eyebrow coloring. Why? As you change the color of the hair on top of your head, you will also need to change the color of your eyebrows. But eyebrow coloring can be a tad trickier than coloring a head of hair.

Coloring your eyebrows is more or less of a challenge. One – you are dealing with a sensitive area; your eyes. If any of that dye drips of and gets in your eyes, it will be painful and not to mention it could very well make you go blind. Two – you are dealing with a more common to be seen area. A lot people are more apt to notice funky brows than anything else on your face.

So let’s get started on how to dye your eyebrows, so you can get off the computer and start experimenting. Make sure to follow any and all directions with your hair dye. This is one of the most important moves to remember. Check to see how long the dye can be left on, how much should be applied, and how to mix the dye, etc… You don’t want to end up with no brows because they all got fried away during the coloring process.

Here we go!

First –

Get your hair away from your face. This means put it back in a pony tail or hair net. Just make sure it’s away from where you will have hair dye, otherwise you may end up with coloring where you don’t want it.

Second –

Wash your face with mild soap and make sure your face it dried well. If you have brow pencil or anything on your eyebrows, get it off. You don’t want anything tampering with the coloring process.

Third –

You don’t want to stain your skin with the dye, so now we are going to talk about how to prevent this. Outline your brows with Vaseline. Do not get any Vaseline on your brows because this will prevent a good coloring experience.

Fourth –

After you have colored your hair, you can use the remaining dye to color your brows. Take a Q tip and rub it through the remaining dye. Do not put too much dye on the Q tip because this will cause dripping and other complications. Just put enough dye on so that you can cover your brows with ease.

Fifth –

Carefully apply the dye to your eyebrows. Take your time so you do not end up getting dye everywhere. Make sure all of your brows are covered evenly. You do not want spotted eyebrows, trust me!

Sixth –

Follow the timing directions that came with the dye. All dyes have different times they can be left on hair. After time is up, remove the dye from your brows with warm water on a washcloth. If shampoo and/or conditioner came with your dye, now would be the time to apply the solutions to your brows for the final touch.

That’s all! Good luck dyeing your brows.