Nether is a hell-like place in Minecraft. You will find dangerous mobs and an ocean of lava in it, and you have to play the game in that place carefully. Making a house for yourself in that place is quite dangerous, though, but it will be beneficial for you as well. Even some of the players have made their permanent houses in the Nether. Your house at that place will help you to store things, weapons, etc. it and you can also take a rest in them when you are tired of fighting with the mobs. There are so many designs using which you can build a good house or base in the Nether.

Making these bases in the Nether will be helpful to you in so many aspects. You can also buy minecon cape in the game, which is also good for your protection in the Nether. Greg Build’s Nether house design is a good house design that helps a player to establish his/her presence in the Nether. The house design is a double-story one, and a ladder is between both floors. Folli’s simple Nether starter house is a primary house that is made out of the material found in the Nether. Players need access to the overworld for building up their house, a beautiful one. Let’s throw some light on these Nether house designs.

  • Greg Build’s Nether house design

 It is a superior and straightforward house builds up in the Nether. Players use this house as a base or storage space for themselves, and this design is perfect for those players who are willing to establish their presence in the game. It is not a fancy house, and there are only two floors in it. Both the floors are connected with each other using a ladder. The house is made up of the possible available material in the Nether.

  • Folli’s Simple Nether starter house

This is also a simple house as suggested by its name. The house is made up of the material available in the Nether. The players who want to make their house modular and beautiful can make it by having access to the overworld. In the overworld, you are going to get every needed material for your house.

  • Aircraft’s Nether Lava Mill

This house is a technical one as you can be made this house using the lava of the Nether. Players who want to make this house should have access to a place where they will get lava without getting died into it. Along with lava, you should also arrange some material for making the house from the nether itself. The house also contains a small patio in it which can both be a strategic and scenic defense point.

The above-mentioned house designs are useful for every player who is playing the game in the Nether. This is because you will definitely need a place to stay in the Nether as no one can complete it in one go. It will also protect you from so many things. The designs discussed above are, Adiecraft’s Nether Lava Mill, Folli’s Simple Nether starter house, and Greg Build’s Nether house design.