Did you know that Minecraft custom shaders are available even on its mobile version? Android devices support custom shaders, provided that you know how to download, install, and activate them on your mobile phone. Minecraft shaders can drastically change the appearance of the game, making it more graphically beautiful, or even changing the game’s art style completely. There are even shaders that aim for realistic game graphics, which will require a beefy android device. In this blog, we will guide you on installing android shader alts for Minecraft. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Use applications that automate this process

One of how you can change a Minecraft shader is by using applications. There are various unofficial applications that will facilitate the easy downloading and installation of Minecraft shaders and other add ons. One of these applications is Addons for Minecraft, which can be downloaded directly on the play store. These applications will allow you to download Minecraft Pocket Edition shaders directly on their interface. Make sure that the shader you choose is made for the exact same version of Minecraft Pocket Edition that you have on your device, or else you might encounter some visual errors and bugs due to incompatible shader versions.

Take note that when using this method, you have to choose the newly installed shaders inside the game or it won’t take effect. Using applications is really handy, since you won’t have to copy, download, or save shader files on your device using file managers. The whole process will be automated aside from choosing the shader on the Minecraft settings.

  1. Download and install shaders manually

If you prefer to download shaders from your computer or from another website, you can install them manually. First, you should have a file manager that can access files from your phone or memory card. Next, you should download your shaders from a website, like mcpedl.com. Make sure that the shaders you download are for the pocket edition version of Minecraft since different Minecraft versions have different shaders compatibility. Using the shader of another version of Minecraft, like Minecraft PC or Minecraft Java Edition can produce some visual bugs and other inconsistencies that can impact your gameplay.

You can easily search the internet for Minecraft shaders for the Android version. You can simply search for the keywords “Minecraft Pocket Edition shaders” and you will find various websites that offer free shader downloads.

On most websites offering free Minecraft shaders, the information for them can be found in its description. Be sure to see if the shader information matches your own Minecraft version. We recommend you to update your Minecraft from the Play Store if you haven’t done so already, since the latest update is the one that is compatible with most shaders posted on the internet, in addition to taking advantage of the new items, blocks, and features that are included with every Minecraft update.

  1. Check for shader updates whenever a new version of Minecraft comes out

As stated above, you should update your Minecraft game from the play store. The same is true for your shaders. When a Minecraft update was pushed, shader information can change. This is especially true for major updates that add new items, skins, animals, or blocks.

Most shaders especially popular ones will receive an update a few days after a new version of Minecraft comes out. Be sure to check for your shaders and update the outdated ones so that you can continue using them without running into errors that can impact your gameplay experience.