I got a killer routine today for you and we’re going to be doing all ab exercises fat Lose Stomach’ I see a lot of comments and Y’all guys want to see some ab exercises so we’re going to do it today and you can also check out my detailed guide here on denverpost as well. 

We’re going to do a six-minute ab workout today super quick no equipment do it anywhere so we’re gonna start off with

Reverse crunches this is really good for your lower abs because. I see a lot of people going hey you know how to do.

I get it rid of that last bit of fat right there and let my ABS show on the bottom well this targets those lower abs we’re gonna do 20 reps of that then toe touches are basically for more of your upper abs and we’re going to do about 20 reps of those followed by plank obvious you know that is regular plank works on your entire abs and also your entire core we’re gonna hold that for 30 seconds and we’re going to do the whole thing four rounds.

We’re not going to stop in between so there’s no rest we’re just gonna fly through it just like that and it’s gonna burn like crazy hey guys already know so keep in mind guys when you’re working on abs you don’t need to spend a lot of time on.

I see too many guys go over there they spend twenty-thirty minutes working on different types of crunches all kinds of crazy ass you know abs workouts and at the end they’re like well hell up in my ABS on show so remember in order for your abs to show you gotta get rid of that fat that’s on top of these exercises are really really good for working that muscles in between but if you still get that layer of fat no matter if you do four round or you do 20 rounds of that you’re just going to have your abs to be super sore but they’re not going to pop out you’re not going to see them you gotta get rid of that fat so what.

I suggest those when you’re doing this workout this is a good workout to do by itself if you got you to know you don’t have a lot of time to work out he’s one knock through something really quick awesome exercise for abs or you can do it at the end of your workout you know at the end of some type of fat burning workout main goal though don’t forget is to burn that fat okay.

I don’t spend more than 10 minutes on apps and I’m usually workouts about every other day and to be honest with you guys most of time. I only spend about five minutes on apps. I do about three sets maybe about four sets total so something like really really killer because it’s actually four sets and there are three exercises per set so it’s going to really help so let’s get down to it so I’m going to use my cell phone to keep on those planks alright so let’s go with reverse crunches this is how you do reverse crunches make sure you get the form right so

Reverse crunches are basically just like leg lift so leg lifts are basically but your hand right here and you see people do it all time just lifts up your leg right so what happens a lot of times a leg lift your abs start to get

Tired you start to stretch your back notice right here how there’s a gap with my back and you see a lot of guys do this see how their back comes up and they come back and they extend their back like this so as your abs start to get tired you’re really going to put a lot of stress on your lower back a lot of times you’re going to injure your lower back.

because because there’s too much stress here so the difference between reverse crunches is we’re doing this same thing except we’re going to keep our feet pointed together and a gap between your calves and your hamstrings should be as tight as possible and you know it’s going to start to open up a little bit as you get tired but it’s okay just try to keep it as tight as possible your hand should be flat right here so this way no matter when you come down and you come back up see how there’s no gap in my back and even

So it’s a lot safer and it really targets your lower abs instead of rocking your back and curtain your back alright 20 reps let’s do this.