Playing Lords Mobile without buying in game currency can be really grindy. In this article, we will provide you with a few essential tips if you want to play this game without paying anything. Take note that this article only discusses gameplay tips, and will not teach you how to get free lords mobile bot. Without further ado, let’s start:

Take advantage of the VIP system in game

Lords Mobile feature a VIP system similar to a lot of other free to play games. Having said that, the VIP system in Lords Mobile is generous since you can unlock it without paying for in app purchases, unlike other games. The greater the VIP points you earn, you’ll get more rewards and bonuses that are unlocked with higher VIP levels.

The primary way of increasing your VIP level is making use of gems, which is purchased with real life money.

Once you click on the Get Points key, it is now possible to use gems in exchanging for VIP points. When starting a game on a new account, the game will provide you with free gems.  Free gems are also provided when joining a guild for the first time. Use these free gems for VIP point only, and you can reach VIP level 5 in no time.

Getting the Free Acceleration time benefit is among the rewards that you can get with a high VIP level.  If you happen to be carrying out building as well as research, there is an established period of time the timers need to achieve before you are allowed to push the “instant complete” button for free. As an example, a building requires One hour to finish. If you are VIP level 1, the timer needs to be less than 5 minutes before you can instantly complete the building. Meanwhile, VIP level 6 players can instantly complete the building with 15 minutes left on the timer. This set time can even increase with higher VIP levels. Suffice to say, you’ll do less waiting and more playing if you have a high VIP level.

Join a guild

As soon as you obtain sufficient levels in your account, the ability to either create or join an existing guild is unlocked. The interesting component in creating a guild is that it will not cost you gold or resources. On the other hand, you may prefer to try and join another guild if you don’t want the guild management aspects. Also, joining a guild is preferable if you don’t have a lot of friends that can be invited to play Lords Mobile with you.

As stated earlier in this article, joining a guild will provide you with guild coins, which can be used to buy VIP points among other items and resources. More guild points can be obtained by helping other guild members, so be sure to join an active guild so that you’ll have the most opportunity to earn guild points.