If you’re a Delta 8 cart owner, you know that those machines are one of the most frustrating things in life. Delta 8 vape pens tend to get clogged up with all kinds of stuff, from crumbly baked goods to peanut butter and jelly sandwich pieces.

While it can be hard work to keep them clean, there are some very easy ways to help unclog your Delta 8 machine. Read on for our guide to keeping your Delta 8 vape pens clear of debris.

The best thing about Delta 8 carts

If you haven’t noticed yet, this is probably going to be a fairly long article because we have so many tips on how to unclog your Delta 8 cart and keep them clean!

What makes these machines awesome is their design. They’re built to take whatever you throw at them, including wet messes and sticky foods like peanut butter sandwiches and cakes. The Delta 8 has been around since 2003, which means that they’ve been through the test of time and have proven itself in the real world.

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How to unclog a Delta 8 cart

Use a non-abrasive cleaner: It doesn’t matter whether you’re cleaning out a Delta 8 cart or a regular plastic food container; you need to use something that won’t damage the surface of your appliance. While you could try using water or soap, you should avoid abrasives like sandpaper and harsh chemicals.

Run hot water: You don’t want to risk burning the inside of your Delta 8 machine by running cold water on it. Instead, run the hottest possible amount of water on it while you let it soak for 15 minutes.

Make sure the power button is off: Before you start trying to unplug the Delta 8 cart from its base, make sure you turn the power off completely. Unplugging the machine before you turn it back on could cause an electrical short and potentially destroy both your appliance and any items you have plugged into it.

Let the machine dry: After you’ve turned the machine off and removed everything from it, leave it alone for 30 minutes. If you’re not using it for a while, this will help prevent mold and mildew from growing on your machine over time.

Clean the interior parts yourself: Delta 8 carts have moving parts inside, so you don’t necessarily need a professional to do the job. Take the lid off your cart and look for anything that looks loose or stuck. Lint rollers can be especially troublesome when they become jammed.

Remove the lids: The lids on Delta 8 machines come off easily by simply pulling them down with the help of two hands. Once they’re off, you can remove anything that appears loose or stuck inside of them.

Try using compressed air: If you still can’t seem to get rid of what’s in your Delta 8 cart, you can try using compressed air to blast away the debris. This will often dislodge any stubborn objects from where they’ve gotten stuck.

Put the cart back together: When you’re done cleaning your Delta 8 cart, put it back together just as you found it. You can usually do this by simply pushing the parts back into place.

Some other helpful tips for Delta 8 carts

Keep your Delta 8 cart clean: As we said above, the more often you clean your Delta 8 cart, the easier it will be to keep it clean. Make sure that everything inside is kept neat so that you don’t have to resort to using tools such as air compressors.

Don’t put too much pressure on your Delta 8 cart: If you try to force food out of your Delta 8 cart, you may end up breaking it. Don’t try to jam things out with brute strength. Instead, try gently squeezing things out with your fingers.

Dispose of food waste properly: You’ll want to dispose of the waste from your Delta 8 cart, but you should do it properly. To learn more about the correct way to safely dispose of waste, check out this video from the EPA.

Wash your Delta 8 cart regularly: As important as it is to wash out your Delta 8 cart after every use, you should continue to do it regularly even if you’re not doing special things with it. This will help prevent buildups of dirt and grease from affecting the movement of your Delta 8 cart.

Keep the cart in good working order: A Delta 8 cart that isn’t functioning properly cannot be cleaned. If you notice that your Delta 8 cart is acting strangely, consider having it repaired before it becomes a bigger issue.


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