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Building Inspection- Buying Made Easy with Interesting Lookout For

Written on September 14, 2020 in Real Estate

We as humans are peculiar and strange in nature as we want to have everything under our control without caring a fig for what it might be or in simple terms, we want to achieve everything in a single lifetime even though it might seem out of reach in the long run.

What’s more, we want it not through hard work but through shortcuts for which most of us are on the constant lookout for in order to achieve those ends where very few people end up successful, which is an admirable feat to accomplish.

As far as common folks are concerned, they aspire to live a normal and peaceful life for which they don’t want to achieve anything more or less as they are quite satisfied with this simple lifestyle and one such dream is to have their own house where everyone can coexist peacefully.

Initial Stages

While we are on the discussion of houses, they cannot be confined to the common man alone as there is a 7 billion population in this world out of which 5 million are from US alone, a place where you have sky high prices for Porsche apartments while flats are available at a relatively affordable price.

This is something that every potential home buyer has to be made aware of as most of them are ignorant about this fact as they are beginners in this trade where they simply believe everything that is given on the internet.

In the old times, people used to meet up with estate agents by trying to locate some of them through reliable sources and fix appointments with them but now everything has become easy with the advent of social media where platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have made the job easier.

Now you can easily locate real estate agents on Twitter by looking them up through Google search where you can find his name, address and contact details through which you can fix an appointment following which you will be relayed with relevant information.

However, first time buyers are pretty naïve in their approach as they are not fully aware of the rampant corruption that is found in real estate that has made it a dubious platform due to which they need to be careful about certain things.


The Building Inspection Perth is an excellent associate platform that conducts regular inspections on new homes for which they are hired by the potential buyers of the property where they inspect the premises from top to bottom and conduct extensive research regarding its past.

This is done to make sure that the house is perfect for use or is not under litigation because they wouldn’t want its new owners to be involved in court troubles due to which they also question the estate agent in charge of the property.

Once the inspecting officers give the green signal that everything is in order, the buyer can then get going with the other procedures where he can check the property and give his approval whether he wants the house or not.

Selling Your Home? Choose the Best Real Estate Listing Agent to Sell It!

Written on August 16, 2020 in Real Estate

If you are considering selling your Oklahoma City home, then I would encourage you to utilize the expertise and advice of AltadoreReal Estate agents. Why use a professional Realtor when you hear that you can sell your home yourself or use a discount ‘do it yourself’ outfit?

Experienced Oklahoma Realtors know the market, know how to market and advertise your home, have experience in holding successful open houses, and have access to advanced technology tools and property resources in the local real estate community. Selling your home in this OKC market required good tools, advice, and guidance. A quality local OKC Realtor can anticipate what prospective home buyers are looking for in a home.

They will have the experience of having served as a buyers agent in the community and know prospective buyers who might be interested in your property. They already know what Oklahoma home buyers want because they have regular ongoing transactions with the local home buyer community.

If you are going to sell your home, then make the smart choice of using an Oklahoma listing real estate agent. To effectively sell your home, you need to avoid these mistakes when you make your Realtor choice. Don’t choose a Realtor to list you home by basing your decision on:

  • The Realtor who promises you the highest selling price for your home.
  • The Realtor who promises you the lowest sales commission for selling your home.

Why avoid these mistakes when choosing a Realtor to sell your Oklahoma home? In reality, no real estate agent can tell you how much your home is worth and what it will likely sell for in your local real estate market. As a professional Realtor, my job and my expertise are in showing the home seller client what the ‘Comps’ are, the comparable sales, active and pending sales in the home sellers neighborhood.

As a home seller, you can certainly choose what you think is a good price after reviewing the data, but the only true judge of how much your home is worth is the market and the prospective home buyer. What the home buyer is prepared to pay is the actual price or market value of the home, not the cost and improvements that you have put into the property. When you list your house for sale, you will be armed with the proper knowledge to sell your home quickly and for a good price.

 My personal preference is to provide my home seller clients with a range of prices, a high and low-end probability of a price that will attract the maximum amount of homebuyer interest and attention during the first 30 days of the home being listed. Why 30 days? Because the most favorable time for getting an offer on your home for sale is during the first 30 days of the home being listed for sale on the market. When I place your home for sale on the local multiple listing service here in Oklahoma City, I upload the maximum amount of quality photos of your home, the most effective text descriptions of your home and it’s amenities and the best price on the home in order to attract the highest level of homebuyer interest during that first 30 days. Don’t fall for the mistake of listing the home at a high price and slowly start the downward price spiral of dropping the price every 30 days. Selling your home required you to pay attention to pricing strategy. Price is right at the beginning and gets it sold!

 Regarding the agent who offers to sell your home at the lowest sales commission rate, ask yourself why that agent would do this. Is this a sign that you are hiring an inexperienced OKC real estate agent? Is the agent possibly unqualified or unmotivated? Is this a sign of a desperate person who can only sell themselves on price? Do you want the discount version or the high-end successful version of an OKC Realtor representing you and your home for sale? Selling your home in Oklahoma required hands-on and expert advice.

As a professional Oklahoma Realtor here in Oklahoma City, I strive to provide all of my home seller clients with the best marketing, advertising, social media exposure, and access to my deep database of potential home buyers here in our local community. Selling your home is no small matter to contemplate. I have a strong and deep-seated belief in spreading the word about client homes for sale among my peers, my professional networking contacts, through traditional media, and by leveraging the advantages of holding successful Open Houses.