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The Moon Tarot Card – Know about the tarot reading 

Written on December 16, 2021 in Guide

There is a full moon that has a crescent within it, two dogs or wolves howling, a stream of water that is running to the ocean, a crayfish emerging out of the water and twin pillars. When doing tarot card reading, what do these symbols mean, you ask? If you continue reading this article then we are going to tell you.

The reading of the information about the symbols related to the purple chakra meaning for the building of the confidence in life. The understanding of the symbols is essential for the people. There is a need to make sure that the building of the self-esteem for the people to get the desired lifestyle. 

To start with, the tarot card we described in the above paragraph is The Moon and that is sitting at number eighteen. Pisces is the ruling sign of The Moon and it is all about illusions, visions, madness, poetry and genius. The Moon is a card that has a lot to do with sleep, dreams and nightmares. Many individuals view The Moon as a scary card and that is just what it is.

If you get The Moon card in your tarot reading then this may be a warning that there might be enemies that are hiding around you, falsehoods and tricks. You should also keep in mind that The Moon card is a card of creativity, powerful magic and intuition. Whenever The Moon card comes up when we are doing card reading we immediately tell the Querent that they should prepare for a roller coaster of emotional and mental trial. If the Querent is known for having any mental problems in the past then they should make sure they take their medication the way it should be taken.

The Querent should stay away from drugs and alcohol, as abuse from either of these will cause them to have damage that is not able to be repaired. The Querent should trust their intuition. The Moon is the card of that scary, secret, dreamy other world that has the most powerful and black magic. Primal magic. If you get The Moon card then you can either do two things, walk off through this lunatic landscape howling at the moon meaning get drunk, get depressed and stay away from their family and friends or.paint something.

When you look at The Moon card, in the foreground you will see a crayfish that is in a pool of water. Many individuals say the water is stagnant water and when the water is putrid, we all know that nothing can live in it. When we look into this card, we are referring to emotions that are painful or stuck. We say this because water is known for symbolizing emotions. The crayfish that is in this card is known for symbolizing the individual. Every one of us is known to have a hard ego shell which we use in order to protect ourselves. The truth is that the ego is the only one which experiences true pain. As we stated, the water is impure, if the crayfish does not leave it then it is going to die.

If you look past the water, you are going to come face to face with the path that the crayfish (oneself) has to follow if they want to go past the Moon to the Sun which is shining behind it. While on the path the individual encounters two dogs that are symbols of those that want us to stay where we are. Past the two dogs you will se two towers, one of the towers has already been damages. These towers are representing the false ego identities that we all have. Past the Moon is the Sun; the Sun is a promise that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As you see, in a tarot card reading The Moon is representing fear. When there is fear, if you hang in there and get past those “bad guys” and allow yourself to see the light of the day, you will eventually get over it and come to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Are Absolutely Free Psychic Readings Valid

Written on July 29, 2021 in Guide

When it comes to psychic readings, you’re probably going to wind up asking yourself: Are absolutely free psychic readings valid? The answer is simple. They’re as valid as if the same psychic had done your reading for a fee.

Get More Info about the reliable and trustworthy sites to have the best experience. You can check the samples and examples to get the valid reading of psychics. There are many sites which provide the services for free without any spending of money on the site. 

The question isn’t really whether or not a free psychic reading is valid so much as it is whether or not a psychic reading is valid at all. If you have faith in the existence of supernatural powers, of psychic insight, then there’s no reason to think that a free reading is any less valid than if the same psychic had been paid to give you your reading.

Consider, if you will, why any business gives away free samples. They want you to see how useful, how effective their service is. Just as with the free samples at the grocery store, the cheeses and snacks on display at the free sample table aren’t any less delicious than the ones in the box.

With psychics, there’s another factor at play, that being that not everyone really believes in this sort of thing at all. But, by taking a free reading, what is there to lose? It’s not as if you’ll have wasted your zero dollars and zero cents if the psychic is just feeding you a line of baloney, so by giving a free reading, the psychic has the opportunity to convert a skeptic. It would be bad business if the psychic wasted this opportunity by giving a sub-par reading or just guessing at the client’s questions.

When you take all of this into consideration, it becomes clear that yes, a free psychic reading is just as valid as if the same psychic had been paid for the same service.

So in other words, what are you waiting for? As we said above, you have absolutely nothing to use with a free reading, but you might have a lot to gain, as there’s absolutely no reason for a free psychic reading to be any less valid than any other.

A free reading is like being handed an envelope with “The Answers” written on it. It’s up to you to believe or not believe that this envelope really has the answers contained within, but only a fool would refuse to open it just because it was handed to them for free. Either you believe in psychic powers or you do not, but you can’t be certain until you give it a try, and you may as well take any opportunity that comes your way to give it a try without paying a cent.