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Over Exercising What Happens When You Exercise Too Much

Written on August 31, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Over working your muscles during your workout will break down the muscle cells more then what the body can handle for repair. Therefore, when you exercise and do too many reps or sets with heavy weights, you can rip and tear your muscles.

There is a fine line to where you can push your muscles past the point of failure. When you are lifting weights you want to feel the pump, that burn feeling. This is where the blood is rushing to the muscle you are exercising. But, if you continue to workout after you have felt the burn, there is a good chance you are over exercising your muscles. A good indication of doing too much is when you touch your muscles the next day and it hurts by the touch.

Exercising the Same Muscles on Back to Back Days

The second way you can over train your muscles is if you workout the same muscles on back to back days. This will not give the muscles enough time for recovery and you will not allow your muscles time to grow. You need at least 24 to 48 hours after a workout for your muscles to fully heal and recover before you can exercise them again. This means if you train for your chest on Monday, you should not train your chest again until Wednesday or Thursday.

The dangers of over exercising your muscles is that you will not grow muscle mass. In fact you will do the complete opposite, your muscles will shrink. In both cases when you over train your muscles, your muscles cells are being put through extreme stress. That is more stress then the body can handle and repair.

With the first way of over training, you have split the muscle cells more then the body can handle and you will lose that particular muscle mass. Your body can not quickly repair that much damage and you will have to wait until your soreness is gone before you lift again. In fact, your muscles may start shrinking if you continue to train this way which will defeating the purpose of lifting weights.

In the second case of over exercising your muscles in back to back days, you might have not over trained your muscles in the workout and you may have felt a good healthy pump, but you still need time for the new muscle cells that you have split successfully to grow. If you do not give the new muscles cells time to grow and workout the next day on the same muscle, the muscle remain small and once again defeating the purpose of lifting weights.

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Reasons Gym Will Improve Life – Check the reasons 

Written on August 30, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Do you want to feel better? Do you wish to have more energy and do you want to live a longer life? The best thing you can do to achieve these things is to engage in physical activities. The health benefits of regular gym exercises can never be underestimated. If you are still asking for reasons why gym activities will help in improving your life, here are some valid reasons to understand, such that you can lead a healthy and happy life:

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  • Combats Health Conditions and Diseases

Are you worried with the family history of heart disease and hypertension? Irrespective of your present weight, when you keep yourself active the high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol levels in your body will increase and it will also help with bringing down unhealthy triglycerides. This in turn will help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses to a great extent. The fact is that regular physical activities will help in the prevention and management of a wide range of health issues and concerns, inclusive of depression, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke and even some types of arthritis and cancer. To combat these health issues, including gym activities in your day-to-day regimen can be the wonderful and safe idea to follow.

  • Improve Self-Confidence

In addition, gym activities on a regular basis will improve your self-confidence to a great extent. The reason stated for the same is that you will feel better about your appearance and this will in turn improve your mood as well. When you are looking for an emotional lift, exercise alone can help you and when you work out in one of your favorite gym machineries, you will feel much better and satisfied about your overall wellness. The reason stated for the same is that physical activities will stimulate a wide range of brain chemicals that will give you a relaxing feeling. All these things will jointly contribute towards improving your self-esteem.

  • Energy Boost:

When you tired with household chores and grocery shopping, the best thing you can do to prevent this sort of tiredness is to include regular physical activities in your daily regimen. When you work out in a gym on a regular basis, it will help with improving your muscle strength and it will also help in boosting your endurance. During and after the workout sessions, your tissues will get the right level of nutrients and oxygen, which in turn will help your cardiovascular system to work in an efficient and effective manner. When your internal organs like lungs and heart work efficiently, your body will have the required level of energy to participate in your day-to-day activities. In short, you will feel stronger to complete your daily chores.

  • Sleep better:

If you are like many other men and women struggling to get into slumber, regular gym exercise can bring you better remedy. When you work out in a gym to begin the day, you will have better energy to perform your chores and with so much physical activities, you will automatically get into deep sleep immediately after lying down. This was your dream for so many years now, isn’t? You can make your dream come true with regular gym exercise

  • Keep weight under control:

Physical activities will help in prevention of excess weight gain and it will also help in achieving weight loss. When you choose the appropriate gym equipment, where in you can exercise all your body parts, you can choose to exercise for the particular part of the body, wherein you need to reduce fat content. The more intense the activities are, the more calories you can burn.


Physical activities and exercises are excellent options to feel better. Also, exercising in a gym will help in choosing different gym devices for working out different parts of your body. When you have specific fitness goals, you can be more specific about the selection of the right device with the help of a fitness trainer. Hope, the points mentioned above might have convinced you of the reasons to engage in physical activities in a gym. Have you planned your schedule?

Barbell Curl And Bodybuilding

Written on August 30, 2021 in Bodybuilding

The Barbell Curl is a great exercise for developing big biceps when bodybuilding. Many people use this exercise as their primary bicep exercise because it targets both biceps. This saves time by working both arms simultaneously and preserves energy so that both biceps are developed equally.

The bicep is a small muscle which doesn’t require a lot of weight or sets for stimulation. Instead, good form with lighter weight will be more effective than bad form with heavy weight.

Barbell Curl And Timing

Timing your reps will help with good form. By using a three seconds count on lowering of the barbell, you will help keep good form by forcing yourself to be slow and controlled on the eccentric movement. By raising the barbell up within one second, you will enable the concentric movement to be fast and explosive.

Barbell Curl And Good Form

Good form for the barbell curl is more than just timing, it is about knowledge of what to do and more importantly, what not to do. Some helpful tips for keeping good form with your curls are…

  • Keep your back straight at all times, never sway or rock your back
  • Keep your elbows motionless and pointed down
  • Having your wrist angled downward will help engage more of the bicep muscle
  • Never use your legs to help raise the barbell.

Unlike the bigger muscle groups like your back and chest which require multiple sets in order to receive the proper stimulation needed. The smaller muscle groups like the biceps and triceps only need a couple sets to receive that same level of stimulation.

Barbell Curl Tip

A good tip to use for getting a great pump in the biceps is to perform your barbell curl exercise after an extreme back routine. Most of the exercises for the back require some bicep activation. After a back routine is completed, the biceps are fully warmed up and can be finished off by a simple set of bicep curls. Keep the weight light and reps high for one to two sets.

Remember that good form is the key to the growth of your biceps. You will see and feel immediate results by performing bicep curls after your back routine.

The barbell curl is safer to perform after a back routine because of the following two reasons…

You are using lighter weights for higher reps to achieve your pump, which helps preserve your form. The biceps are already primed from the secondary movements from the back exercises and are ready to be worked. This method eliminates warm-ups sets and the use of heavy weights which will help prevent injury and saves time in the gym. An additional resource that you can go through that will help you improve the efficiency of your workouts is ​​

Bodybuilding As A Lifestyle And Its Benefits

Written on August 28, 2021 in Bodybuilding

When the people of ancient Greek had faith that their bodies can reflect the greatness of their Gods, that was actually the first time in history that mankind started to develop bodybuilding as a lifestyle. They constantly then tried to find many ways to make their body bigger and look superior.

Nowadays bodybuilding is not just a lifestyle, it has been developed into something beyond that even as a sport, and not just something people do to please their Gods. Appearance has become something really important in modern people’s life. Moreover, bodybuilding also offers a lot of long-lasting health advantages.

The most obvious advantages are we would have improved muscle mass also increased strength which is important for our everyday activities. Bodybuilding activities also could provoke the body to produce more collagen proteins that could make tendons and ligaments more stronger. This would lower the risk of being injured that could cause you a great pain with a long recovery process. Moreover the stronger tendons and ligaments, joint stability will also increased.

As time goes, you will lose some of your muscles naturally. With bodybuilding, you will automatically pumping iron, and that would make your muscle mass stay preserved much longer and make you stronger. That’s why doing bodybuilding in young age is highly recommended by many professionals. Bone protein as well as mineral could be increased by weight lifting, and this results in giving you stronger bones.

Bodybuilding activities also useful for people trying to lose weight since it would improve the RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) or the minimum quantity of energy needed for important human body functions like breathing, blinking, talking, and so on. That is actually the cause of muscle tissues being metabolically active, and weight lifting helps in creating the muscle tissues. More muscle tissues also enhances workout metabolism. The greater muscle tissues obtained, the greater metabolic rate for resting and exercise, and the final outcome is the fat burning process will also increased during resting and working out. It is a common knowledge which most people already find out that the more calories can be burned, the more chance we can get slimmer, by working out we will replace body fat with muscle mass.

Bodybuilding will also improve blood cholesterol and fats which scientifically proven to be very good for our body. Moreover it also decreases blood pressure, which implies that our heart wouldn’t have to work too hard pumping the blood all over the body.

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Weight Lifting Routines Also Good For Muscle Building

Written on August 27, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Weight lifting is a very effective way for you to control weight loss and at the same time ensure that you have a well-toned, well-defined body. Along with a regimen that includes a healthy, well-balanced diet and a workout plan that provides a combination of different types of muscle-building exercises, a weight-lifting plan will do your body wonders. In fact, it will improve your body tenfold. You will be surprised at the amazing effects that will unfold before your very eyes. All you need to do is learn as much as you can from online resources provided by the like of Theislandnow as you start building your muscles.

What is involved in weight lifting? Well, it is actually using weights in order for you to develop strength in certain targeted areas as well as promote the growth of your muscles. This also falls under the category of resistance training and it has lately been gaining popularity, as weight lifting enables you to target specific areas. It really is a versatile kind of exercise.

In weight lifting, you lift and lower weights that are usually held by hand. These weights are lifted in an extremely controlled manner. You do not lift weights and quickly lower them down. You raise it and lower it slowly and deliberately, exercising control the whole time. Mind you, weight lifting involves doing a certain number of exercises that target different parts of your body. These muscle-building exercises are repeated a certain number of times within a set.

For a weight lifting routine to be effective, you should combine it with a good, balanced diet. The diet should be filled with healthy and nutritious food. Another important combination is to add some cardiovascular exercises to your weight-lifting exercise plan. These three, when used in tandem, will do wonders for your body.

Here are some weight-lifting bodybuilding exercises you can try: bicep curls, power clean, sit-ups, bench press, shoulder press, calf raise, leg press, chest press, leg extension, back squats, and lower back extensions. This is just part of a long list of exercises. There are still plenty more on the list. There are also quite a number of variations so you can experiment to find the exercises that best suit you and that can best develop the areas you want to build up.

Leg Workouts Strength Mass – Get the details about the mass

Written on August 7, 2021 in Bodybuilding

As with all of your body parts, when you’re training your legs you should make sure that you know what your goals are. There are a lot of exercises that will give you a great workout, but they might not give you the results that you’re looking for.

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For example, deadlifts are an excellent workout for your legs and for many other parts of your body. The fact that a lot of different muscle groups are involved can be a bad thing though, especially if size is your only goal. The best leg workouts for mass isolate the individual muscles. Here are a few good exercises that you should include in your routine.

Leg Extensions

To start seeing some serious gains in your quadriceps, leg extensions should be incorporated into your workouts. These are done at a leg extension machine. All you have to do is sit back in a slightly reclined position, and extend your legs outward from the knees. Be sure to set the weight is set to something that will give you a challenge. When using machines, you don’t have to worry about keeping the weights balanced like you do when you’re using dumbbells and barbells. Since stabilization isn’t an issue, you can generally lift heavier weights with machines. Remember this when you’re setting the amount of weight that you’ll be using on the machine. Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Lying Leg Curls

To balance out the work that you do on the front of your legs with your quads, you’ll want to work your hamstrings. This is one of the best ways to do that. While lying at the leg curl machine, you’ll basically do the opposite of a leg extension. You start with your legs extended and bend from the knees to lift the weight. Once again, do 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Seated Calf Raises

Skinny calves are a problem for a lot of people, and this exercise is an excellent way to fix that. You simply sit at a seated calf raise machine and raise the weight by going from flat-footed to being on your toes. This exercise is great for building mass because it does such a good job of isolating the calves. Do 3 sets of 10-14 reps.

Getting bigger legs doesn’t have to be a very complicated process. As a general rule, look for exercises that isolate the muscles that you want to grow, and you’ll start to see an increase in your mass. You can add some functional movements too, but isolation should be your main goal.

Lose Weight Education And Motivation For The Perpetual Dieter

Written on August 5, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Given the number of people in the world who struggle with their weight, the number of people on diets at any given time is unsurprising. But many diets don’t work in the long term– they only allow people to Lose Weight while they are on the diet. What these people need are lose weight tips and motivation for the constant dieter.

The first thing these people need to understand is that dieting, in the restrictive and specialized sense, doesn’t work. The grapefruit diet and the cabbage soup diet and other fad diets are potentially effective in the short term, but are not sustainable, and all the weight you’ve lost will be regained when you stop following the diet. The word diet needs to be redefined. There are a lot of things that will help you a lot in getting the best in the workout. One of the most amazing thing is the diet. There are some food that boost testosterone in men very easily and comfortably.  find the best food in your routine for getting the result.

A diet is simply what you eat. The word has become synonymous with a weight-loss diet, but really, that isn’t what the word means. So when you think about your diet, think about simply what you eat and what you are going to eat for the rest of your life. In this context, restrictive diets are not very practical. A general, overall change is more effective and more likely to be something you can stick with.

One of the things that dieters are, (along with the rest of the population) is impatient. But this impatience can cost you in the long-term. A diet that you can live with starts with small changes, made gradually. If you force yourself into a strict diet too quickly, you are likely to revert to your old ways eventually.

Most constant dieters know what they are supposed to be doing for their bodies. Reduce calories, especially from saturated fats and sugars, eat more vegetables and fruits, and control portion sizes. Knowing what to do is not the constant dieter’s problem. Implementing these changes is. And a little patience will go a long way in making lifetime changes, rather than temporary ones.

To attempt a lifelong change, make it small and slow at first. Choose to make one dietary change every two weeks or month. And don’t make this change drastic– don’t cut all out all the sugar, or try to eat vegetables at every meal. Make it small and tolerable. Reduce your portions by a quarter, or add a vegetable to every dinner. Do everything in a way that doesn’t stress you much.

One problem a lot of people face is their idea that they’ve failed if they don’t make their goal every single day, and then they give up. The absolute most important part of dieting is not to give up. Don’t think of it as failing one day, think of it as succeeding six days, and get back on the horse with a clean slate the next day.

Motivation often wanes somewhere in the dieting process, and can leave people wondering why they are doing it. Most motivation is internal, and people must find their own personal motivators. But remember to think about how this gradual method of change is giving yourself the best chance to eat a healthy diet for life, and that even a 10% weight loss has been proven to affect your health for the better. Remember these lose weight tips and motivation for the constant dieter, and you can give yourself a new outlook on better eating.

A Correct Bodybuilding Workout Schedule

Written on July 18, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Before we elaborate on the best bodybuilding schedule that if followed conscientiously could earn you the shape of your dreams, the next points will need to be kept in mind:

Building a great physical body needs a well-planned workout schedule with 4 to 5 days of rigorous workout routine in addition to sufficient rest to give your muscles plenty of time to recuperate. Testogen reviews australia also suggests the same thing in addition to the fact that you need supplement that can help you with your body growth. 

A most significant component of a good workout program is to specify various days for different muscles while keeping in mind that no particular muscle should be worked on more than 2 times every week. Along with that, a proper diet and enough water will likewise spurt up the muscle growth rate.

What most aspiring bodybuilders try is to lift more and more weight as a way to build muscle fast but what it does is cause more harm than good. It is therefore extremely important for you to have a proper workout schedule before you take up bodybuilding.

The following hints can assist you to chalk out an effective workout schedule:

Rest is Best:

Don’t over-exercise your muscles. Lifting heavy weights ends in the breakage of muscle tissues and, therefore any other injury, the muscle also needs time to heal. While one way to quicken the healing process is to take a wholesome protein-rich diet, correct rest is most necessary to make sure that no permanent damage happens.

While those of you who have just taken up bodybuilding should work out a specific muscle group, just one occasion each month. Even the experts should not work out a muscle more than 2 times in 7 days. 5 days of workout in 7 days should be the restrict with 2 days of complete rest.

For novices, alternate days of weightlifting and aerobics are recommended. For example, if you have lifted weights on Monday, it can be good if you restrict your workout to jogging and cycling on Tuesday. However, if you have been working out for a few weeks and believe that your body is loose plenty, then you can try out the accompanying five-day schedule:

Monday = Chest Tuesday = Back Wednesday = Biceps and Triceps

Thursday = Shoulders and Abs Friday = Legs

Saturday and Sunday will be kept for complete rest.

Your workout schedule should contain different workouts targeted for the particular muscle group that you intend to work out on that day. As an example, on Monday, you can begin with a bench press that includes three sets and 10-12 repetitions each of flat bench, incline, and decline. At the moment, three sets of flat dumbbells fly and pullovers should complete your chest workout.

It is to be remembered, nevertheless, that each person has an assorted body, and in addition to that, different strong and weak areas, which means you will have to observe which exercise becomes most beneficial for you and will need to develop your workout routine according to that. For example, some people can do develop huge biceps with less effort but will have to sweat it out as a way to receive a good chest. Consequently, if you consider that you have to work out more on the upper chest, then start your workout with three sets of incline bench presses and follow with the rest of the schedule.

No matter how good your coach is, it can be you who’ll have to keep a close watch on how your body responds to various workout programs. You may have to work out for a few weeks before you get to know the schedule that best suits your needs.

Exercise List Tips And Technique

Written on July 9, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press along with the best testosterone booster for males over 30 should be a staple in your chest routine unless you have some sort of problem with it which involves injury as both these things can work out wonders for you in no time. While performing this exercise, pop out your chest and arch your back as much as you can. After each rep, do not lower the weight all the way down to your chest. Instead, stop it a few inches away from your chest. Also, do not lock out your elbows after pushing the weight out. Stop just short of the point where your elbows lock…The length of your grip will determine which part of your chest will be stimulated. A wider grip stimulates the outer chest while a narrower one targets the inner chest.

Barbell Rows

Keep your feet close together (about a foot apart). Maintain a very slight bend in your knees throughout the set. Bend over to about a 100-degree angle. Arch both your lower and upper back and pull the weight up to your lower stomach.

Barbell Shoulder Press

This exercise is most effective when performed seated because doing prevents lower back injuries and better isolates the delts. Use a wide grip, which is a recommendation made by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Push the weight up over your head and lower it down to about nose level.


Definitely incorporate this exercise into your bodybuilding routine. Dead-lifts allow you to lift with higher poundages than every other bodybuilding exercise and thus stimulate the greatest amount of muscle fibers. To perform properly, keep your back as straight as possible.

Dumbbell Pullovers

This is mainly a chest exercise, but it also stimulates the upper back. Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that this exercise not only worked those body parts, but also gave him a more expanded rip cage, which is a very favorable look to have in the bodybuilding world. An expanded rib cage makes the chest and torso look a lot bigger. If you don’t have room during your chest day to fit in dumbbell pullovers, try to incorporate this exercise somewhere else in your bodybuilding routine… When performing this movement, the back of your shoulders should be on the bench with your neck and head hanging out. As you lower the over your head drop your hips down a little bit to ensure a greater stretch of your rib cage. This exercise responds very well to using heavyweights, but just make sure you engage in a proper warm-up and build up to lifting with poundages which only allow you to execute 6-8 reps.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

Sit on an adjustable incline bench and adjusted to about a 110 or 120-degree angle. Keep your upper arms locked and stationary toward your sides and curl the dumbbells. This exercise specifically targets the upper portion of the biceps and should not be executed with super heavyweights.

Lat Pull-Down

Pop your chest out, arch your back, and pinch your shoulder blades in for each reps. If your shoulder blades and back are not mobile during the movement, this indicates that your arms are doing most of the work. During each rep, you must slightly lean back in order to pull the weight down to your upper chest. Don’t use a super heavyweight for this exercise because doing so will make it very difficult to follow these directions.


Different foot stances allocate stimulation to different muscles in the lower body. A narrow stance with the toes pointing forward best isolates the thighs while a wider stance with the toes pointed outputs more emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings. Also to better isolate the thighs, if that is in fact your goal, minimally arch your lower back while you go down for each rep… As to how far you should go down for each rep, this matter is debatable as different experts have varying opinions. However, going down to about a 90-degree angle is best served to isolate the thighs, and going down further puts more emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings. To most efficiently execute this exercise, lower the weight down at a relatively slow pace and explode it up, on the upturn.

Stiff-Legged Dead-Lifts

Keep your feet close together. Maintain a very slight bend in your knees. Try to keep your lower back as straight as possible because curving it increases the risk of injury to the lower back. Keep your arms, shoulders, and the rest of your upper body as loose as possible, as this is not an upper-body exercise. Lift the weight up using the power from your hamstrings and hips. This exercise should be a staple in your hamstrings routine.

Things To Consider When Creating Your Bodybuilding Program

Written on July 1, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Before you begin training, the first thing you need to do is create a sound plan for your bodybuilding program. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on getting your program started. Start with all the right habits and you’ll find yourself building muscle, losing unwanted fat and feeling stronger and more confident in no time at all.

Forget steroids

Firstly, remember that steroids are dangerous. You can build muscle safely with muscle workouts without having to result to chemical enhancers. Secondly, before you start: learn the basics. Don’t go straight for advanced techniques and workouts before you learn how to do the basic muscle workouts first. Once you’ve started gaining muscle, you can move on to more technical workouts.


Thirdly, plan a good system and stick with it. There’s no point changing your bodybuilding program each week. You’ll achieve much more sticking to the same program. Remember nutrition is vital. You’ll get plenty of advice in books and online for diet while you’re building muscles. You’ll also have to learn how to count calories. Of course, it will depend greatly on your reasons for working out. Are you trying to lose weight and get into shape, or are is your main reason to gain muscle and look as good as you feel?

The first two months of your bodybuilding program should be reasonably gentle, as your body gets used to its new regime. As time goes on your body will get more used to the physical exercise and deal with the stresses placed on it much better.

Make sure you progress

You must remember also that if you want to progress, then you have to gradually increase the amount of exercise; that means harder workouts and heavier weights. Remember too, when you’re planning your bodybuilding program that muscle workouts aren’t only for certain groups of muscles. Your program should include exercises for every muscle group, so a basic knowledge of human anatomy and muscle groups will be useful. It’s simple to find this information on this in your local library or online.

Adding a cardiovascular element to your workout plan is essential. Ideally, a good 30 minutes job, or on the exercise bike or other cardiovascular equipment, such as a rowing machine or treadmill, should do the job.


One of the first things to learn more about Crazy Bulk while you start your new workout program is to figure out your BMI or Body Mass Index. This is achieved by dividing your weight in kilogrammes by your height in metres squared. Or multiply your height in inches by 703 and then divide your weight in pounds by the result. A normal BMI should be between 18.5 and 25. More than 25 and you’re overweight. Less than 18.5 and you’re underweight.

Finally, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. One of the benefits of a good bodybuilding program is that it will help you sleep much better.

Strength training is one part of a total fitness program. Kids and teens should get at least an hour a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, including aerobic (cardio) activity, like running, biking, and playing outside. Also, be sure you child drinks plenty of liquids and eats a healthy diet for better performance and recovery.