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How to Get FREE Breast Implants

Written on March 7, 2020 in Beauty

Free plastic surgery? I thought at first “What’s the catch”? The catch is it is like anything else in life, its work! If you are going to do it think of it as a fun part time job. The website is set up like a social networking site. A girl (referred to as a model) sets up a free profile with some information about herself and what she hopes to achieve. She sets a goal amount (the approx cost of her implants) which is visible to the benefactors on the sight (those who intend to donate to help the models reach their goals) . The Models on my free implants are invited to blog about their day and send messages to the benefactors. Every time a benefactor sends the model on my free a message she gets $1 (sounds like nothing! but if you send out lots of messages personalized to the benefactors who have information about themselves on their profiles it adds up!) after exchanging messages you can chat with benefactor, continue to message, or they can send you a donation in the amount of their choosing. They can donate $1 or as has been done in the past up to several thousand dollars!

Is it safe?

It is completely safe because no contact information is ever exchanged between the models on my free implants and the benefactors. This includes phone numbers, address, private email address… As a matter of fact, if contact information is exchanged both the model and the benefactor are dismissed from the site. This is for everyone’s safety. Donations are purchased by the benefactors and put in the models account until she has met her entire goal.

Why would strangers help me get free implants?

So what are the benefactors getting out of this? It depends! Like on any social networking site everyone is looking for something different. Some benefactors are looking for friendship, someone to discuss their day with and to share the excitement of reaching your goal with you. Some are looking to exchange donations for videos and pictures of the models ranging from pics in regular clothes, sexy costumes and full nude.

Do I have to share naughty pictures or have sexually based chats with benefactors to succeed?

Anything a model does on the site is $100% up to her and many models have made it without exchanging any pictures or videos. Many, many girls have reached their goals without sharing and sexy content. How you reach your goal is entirely up to you! For every type of model there are benefactors who want to help someone like you.. as long as you treat them with respect and invest time into the site.

How does the surgery get paid for?

When you reach your ultimate goal amount you will submit the estimate for the surgery from the plastic surgeon of your choice. The website will pay the physician directly so the money cannot be used for anything other than breast augmentation. After your surgery you will then provide the website with before and after photos. These photos are not nude, as a matter of fact they will not except nude photos for the before and after pictures. Before and after photos are usually wearing the same shirt/sweater/dress to show the difference in how your clothing fits. You will sign a contract agreeing to continue to actively participate on the site for 6 months following your surgery.

What are the keys to success in reaching your goal amount?

First its important to think about how you would like to reach your goal? Are you comfortable sharing pictures? If so, topless? swimsuit? How about videos? If you are not interested in exchanging sexy content for donation do you like to blog? Then you should defiantly take advantage of the blogging feature on the site. The more you blog the more visible you will become to the benefactors. The more they know you through blogging the more inclined they will be to help you toward your goals.

Whether you wish to use sexy content to get to your goal or not the number one thing that will be important to reaching your goal is MESSAGE MESSAGE MESSAGE! Send all the messages you can!!!! But benefactors HATE copy and paste messages… be sure to take time to read their profiles and send them a personalized message, just for them!!! Find something you have in common and roll with it. The overall most important piece is just to stick with it. Log in every day that you can. If you need to take a couple days or weeks off that fine.. but be sure to get back on the horse.

Also, keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is usually most affordable during the holiday season when people are less inclined to to to endure the expense and the down time. So if you get a quote from the surgeon of your choice be sure that you follow up with them during the holidays and ask if they have any specials or discounts. Even the best plastic surgeons offer holiday discounts.

Take it from someone who actually reached her goal of FREE BREAST IMPLANTS! You can do it, in however way you choose.. as long as you stick with it! I am not an employee of the site or anything like that. I am just a girl who earned the $6000 surgery with the best surgeon in my city though simply logging into a social networking site a couple of times a week. It’s worth a try and if you don’t like it you are always welcome to delete your profile.

How to Dye Your Eyebrows

Written on March 6, 2020 in Beauty

It’s a wonderful acknowledgment that you are able to change your appearance in many ways. You have makeup, plastic surgery, hair dye, etc. Many women and men take advantage of this because it’s nice to be able to change your style and experiment with your look.

Today we are going to talk about eyebrow coloring. Why? As you change the color of the hair on top of your head, you will also need to change the color of your eyebrows. But eyebrow coloring can be a tad trickier than coloring a head of hair.

Coloring your eyebrows is more or less of a challenge. One – you are dealing with a sensitive area; your eyes. If any of that dye drips of and gets in your eyes, it will be painful and not to mention it could very well make you go blind. Two – you are dealing with a more common to be seen area. A lot people are more apt to notice funky brows than anything else on your face.

So let’s get started on how to dye your eyebrows, so you can get off the computer and start experimenting. Make sure to follow any and all directions with your hair dye. This is one of the most important moves to remember. Check to see how long the dye can be left on, how much should be applied, and how to mix the dye, etc… You don’t want to end up with no brows because they all got fried away during the coloring process.

Here we go!

First –

Get your hair away from your face. This means put it back in a pony tail or hair net. Just make sure it’s away from where you will have hair dye, otherwise you may end up with coloring where you don’t want it.

Second –

Wash your face with mild soap and make sure your face it dried well. If you have brow pencil or anything on your eyebrows, get it off. You don’t want anything tampering with the coloring process.

Third –

You don’t want to stain your skin with the dye, so now we are going to talk about how to prevent this. Outline your brows with Vaseline. Do not get any Vaseline on your brows because this will prevent a good coloring experience.

Fourth –

After you have colored your hair, you can use the remaining dye to color your brows. Take a Q tip and rub it through the remaining dye. Do not put too much dye on the Q tip because this will cause dripping and other complications. Just put enough dye on so that you can cover your brows with ease.

Fifth –

Carefully apply the dye to your eyebrows. Take your time so you do not end up getting dye everywhere. Make sure all of your brows are covered evenly. You do not want spotted eyebrows, trust me!

Sixth –

Follow the timing directions that came with the dye. All dyes have different times they can be left on hair. After time is up, remove the dye from your brows with warm water on a washcloth. If shampoo and/or conditioner came with your dye, now would be the time to apply the solutions to your brows for the final touch.

That’s all! Good luck dyeing your brows.