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Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card – Know about the savings

Written on July 11, 2021 in Banking

Finding the best credit cards on the market that offer low interest rates, great rewards programs, and long 0% introductory periods designed for people with good to excellent credit is easy, but when it comes to finding great cards for someone with bad credit, there is somewhat of a challenge. Sure, these cards exist but most are not worth even applying. One card that would be the exception rather than the rule is the Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card.

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Although this card is secured, meaning you would begin by depositing money into a special account set up by Public Savings Bank, within a few months of handling the account responsively, the card would change to unsecured at which time it is officially a standard card. Regardless, the Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card comes with a six-month introductory period that includes a 0% Annual Percentage Rate for regular purchases. From there, the variable interest rate is 11.24%, very competitive for today.

The credit card is set up so there is no annual fee and monthly fees that are commonly associated with other credit cards are waved. Keep in mind that because the card is “loaded” with money initially, you do not need any credit whatsoever to apply, and receive approval.

In addition, with the Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card even if you have bad credit, you would be approved. Therefore, anyone would be able to log onto the bank’s website, complete the application process, and in days, have the card in possession. However, once the card changes to an unsecured card, you would begin to build or repair damaged credit.

The way in which this credit card is managed is reported to all three reporting credit bureaus. Therefore, the way in which you handle the card would be reported by Public Savings Bank to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, which is exactly what you want when shopping around for a secured credit card. Instead of feeling as if you will never be able to build credit or repair bad credit, you have an excellent option with this credit card.

In summary, the Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card offers a lower Annual Percentage Rate than you would get with like cards. Then, with a decent introductory period, reporting to all three credit bureaus, and a credit line anywhere from $200 to $1,500, this card makes perfect sense.

5 Signs Your Credit Card Debt Is Getting Out Of Hand

Written on September 30, 2020 in Banking

If you have credit card debt, it can be very overwhelming. You constantly try to keep up with minimum payments, look for better rates and transfer balances just to keep up. There comes a point where your debt is out of control, and it is important to understand and recognize the warning signs so you can get your credit card debt back in order.

  1. Your Only Pay the Minimum

If you only pay the minimum payment due when the bill arrives every month, then your credit card is out of control. This means that you do not have the funds to pay for the items that you are charging. It also means you are incurring huge interest costs that are making your debt even larger and continually unmanageable.

Debts are hard to manage if you’re savings aren’t in place which is why one should pay very less so that the bills don’t pile up by the end of the month. If you can save your funds at a considerable pace then there won’t be any need to worry about such matters as credit card issues are quite hard to manage as given on

  1. Your Minimum Payment Could Be a Car or Mortgage Payment

If your minimum payment on your card is so high that is equal to a car payment or even a mortgage payment, then your debt is out of control. You have a massive amount of credit card debt if your minimum is this high, and can be difficult to keep up with the payments.

  1. You Use Your Cards More Than Cash

If your primary way to pay for expenditures is with a credit card, there is a problem. Since you are not likely paying off your card at the end of the month, you are using your card to pay for things you can’t afford.

  1. You are Using Your Credit Card for Expenses

A credit card is supposed to be for buying large items and paying it off over a few months in order to make the large expense more manageable. Or, they are also supposed to be used for an emergencies. Credit cards should not be used to buy your basic necessities, like food and rent unless you are experiencing a temporary emergency.

If you are using your cards to pay these basic necessities, then your expenses are exceeding your income and you need to make adjustments. You either need to boost your income with a second job or higher paying job. The bottom line is that you need to reduce your living expenses and earn more money so that you can pay for your living expenses properly.

  1. You Are Buying Frivolous Things

If you are using your credit to buy things that are frivolous, then you are going to be in a mountain of debt. Credit is often used this way because you don’t need the money upfront to make the purchase. We often buy things we can’t afford, thinking we can just pay for it later. It is easier to pull out a piece of plastic than to part with cash. If this is you, consider putting your cards away and buying only the items you can afford to pay for with cash.