Can I get my ex back? It’s a question that burns on your mind, eats away at your feelings and consumes your thoughts constantly, that’s if your relationship breakup was not what you wanted to happen.

Maybe you’ve been asking friends and family members, or even searching for relationship information online, for help to work out how you’ll go about getting your ex lover back into your life. And still, you’ve come up empty! No ideas, no clues and, worst of all, no plan of action for fixing your breakup with your ex.

Unfortunate as it may appear, no-one can answer your question with any real certainty. The reason you broke up, how friendly you’ve stayed, and a whole host of other factors, have a lot do with whether or not it’s possible for you and your ex-lover to get back together again. In order to get the ex back, then there should be no use of dirty pick up lines for guys. It will reduce the engagement of the people at the dating applications. Some factors are considered to meet with the desired results. The answering of the questions is there to check the compatibility. The finding of the right partner is there with the solving of the answer. 

If you’ve remained cordial with one another, and haven’t been bad-mouthing your ex in public, or to your circle of mutual friends, your chances of you getting back together are far greater than if things had gotten ugly and out of hand. Even if the relationship breakup was a bad one, people can put aside hurt feelings if they work hard enough at it. Especially if the love you once shared as a couple has not completely vanished.

Asking your friends whether or not they think you can fix your breakup and get your ex back is often fraught with danger. Some will tell you only what they think you want to hear because they don’t wish to upset you further or get involved, just in case something goes wrong. Others may have hidden agendas; maybe they didn’t like your ex to begin with or perhaps they’re keen on your ex.

Complications like this need to considered before getting your friends involved in your breakup situation. You’re probably well advised to only ask your closest friends as they would know you best. Their opinions matter more to you, and their judgement is less likely to be clouded by any ulterior motives.

Another very important factor to think about when asking for advice in getting your ex back is to filter the information you’re receiving. If someone hasn’t gone through a relationship breakup and been able to win back their partner, how knowledgeable can they be on the subject? Finding reliable and tested techinques is what you’re after.

Also, you need to realize that not all advice about fixing relationships is good advice. Be wary of any extreme techinques that might be suggested for you to get your ex back. For example, encouragement to start another romantic relationship with someone new, in order to make your ex jealous, is often thrown into the mix. But, attempting to create jealousy in your ex partner can only lead to trouble and can very often backfire on you!

Your ex may think you’ve moved on with your life, after all, you are dating someone else. They might just take it as the signal that they need to do the same. Also, seeing you with a new date could have the undesired effect of making your ex angry. Their feelings of animosity toward you may build into a permanent barrier that shuts out any form of reconciliation in your relationship. And these are definitely outcomes you do not want.

Obviously, if you’re asking the question, “Can I get mey ex back?“, doing things that will only drive your former partner even further away is foolish and counter-productive. Sleeping around or having one-night-stands with other people, while you’ve been trying to get them back, is definitely not recommended. It will only cause your ex to doubt how serious you are about repairing your relationship and, I dare say, that any behavior such as this would put the ‘final nail in the coffin’, so to speak.

You want your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back and you’ve made up your mind that you want another chance to try to make your relationship work. Asking questions about the possibility of it happening can only take you so far. It’s up to you whether or not you take advice from your friends and family concerning your lost relationship. Information online can also help, provided it’s from a reliable source. The problem though is knowing where and how to begin your attempt to repair your relationship.

A good starting point to give yourself the best chance of getting back together with your ex, is for you to have them realize just how much they miss you. As mentioned above, you don’t have to date other people, or make them feel jealous to do that! Just be the best you can be when you’re around them, be the real you, no pretending to be what you’re not. This will help them remember the reasons they fell in love with you in the first place, then it’s up to you to take it from there.

So, to truthfully answer your question, “Can I get my ex back?”, the only honest response that anyone can offer is…”well, maybe”. No-one knows your breakup situation better than you, and all the advice in the world won’t help your efforts of reconciliation with your ex if you try sneaky, underhand tactics that will, more often than not, cause you regret later on.