Social media had become so pervasive in our lives that it is hard to imagine a time when it hadn’t been there. Constant innovations bringing the world to our fingertips is a speciality that only social media can claim.

It has also become the sure-fire way to fame. Creators of all kinds of content- be it art, music, dance- all need to be on top of their game with social media profiles. And the best social media platform to get you viral is TikTok. 

Originally known as, TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing apps in the technology world, and as such, commands follower numbers that are on par with Facebook and Instagram. 

Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram have been around for more than a decade. TikTok is relatively younger. 

From ordinary people to celebrities, everybody uses TikTok as a means to connect, relax, or just find a funny video to lift your mood. It also has led to several content creators becoming proficient in their craft and earning money for what they do. 

In the rising world of popularity competition, it is tough to maintain a presence on TikTok. There is only so much content you can post continuously. Taking a break can lead to a rapid decline in followers and popularity. 

So the next best thing is to buy instant TikTok views. That way, you can always ensure that your content looks engaging as it has viewers, and your growth is continuous. 

We have detailed a list of companies that offer organic and real likes and views that you can purchase for your account. 

  • Viralyft 

Viralyft has risen the ranks as the top site to get your likes, views, and followers from. They are professionals in what they do, and their online website is proof enough. Viralyft is a pioneer in the business and can give your TikTok the boost it needs. 

Plans start from $6.99 for 250 followers and increases accordingly. 


They have the widest range of comprehensive packages designed to make your TikTok boom in popularity and exposure. They take care of your account and make the growth seem original and organic. They’ve got your back. 

The range of plans is wide and depends on whether you want just followers, likes, views, or a combo of all. 

  • Views experts

With a simple interface, Views experts are indeed experts in their field. They offer great plans covering all aspects of organic social media growth, such as likes, views, followers, shares, and comments. 

Plans are available for a combo of likes and followers. Starting from $10, you can purchase packages with 1k followers up to 10k.

TikTok has gotten massive since its inception. It offers you the unique opportunity of connecting directly to your audience through short videos. It is far more casual and offers more creative freedom due to its format. Buying quality views and likes can get your platform to the top in no time.