Blaine, Washington is a city that is located in Whatcom County in the United States. The city has various boundaries making the Canadian border the northern boundary. The population of Blaine was 4,684 according to the census that was carried out in 2010. A number of the city’s economy is based on the Canadian border due to its trade. Most warehouses are located on the Eastern side including gas stations and courier services.

One of the most expensive homes in Blaine is the 5542 Pine Sisken Rd, Blaine, WA 98230. The property is among one of the largest waterfront homes available. It is of full service and ready. The sun gives its majestic rise as you enjoy your utmost privacy. The house also has a well prepared driveway entrance of 59 foot with a complete tree survey.

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The property is worth $389,000 on a land of size 1.54 Acres. It is also located in the Semiahmoo area and in Drayton Hillside II subdivision. The home is a neighbor to a number of schools in Blaine.

9049 Shearwater Rd

The house was constructed in 2008 with a westerly view of islands with a user friendly yard. It has a unique custom residence with high quality finishes. The house is a four bedroomed house of size 5200 square feet fitted with 3 full baths and one half bath. It is a single family home located in a 0.92 acre land and worth $2,100,000. The property is located in Semiahmo area, Boundary ridge Div 2 Subdivision.

Wood Duck Way

This property is located on a large marine and mountain views from the Semiahmoo’s highest points. It gives a summary of the highest property in Semiahmoo. It is among the last sites developed in Semiahmoo. The property is priced at $1,800,000 on land. It is located in Semiahmoo area, Carnoustie subdivision. The property also has a misc of an ocean view and a bay view. It acts as a neighbor to schools such as Blaine school district.

Drayton Harbor Rd

This property has excellent vistas of the Drayton harbor with a potential of 95 unit. It sits near the Canadian border with a neighborhood of international airports. The property is located on a land mass of size 22.82 acres on land with a cost of $1,750,000. The fabulous house is located in Semiahmoo area with a bay view. It also has a misc of waterfront features and the size of the lot is 20 acres or more banking medium. It provides neighborhood to learning institutions such as the Blaine School District, Blaine Elementary school, Blaine middle school and the Blaine High School.

Semiahmoo Dr.

Have a rare opportunity full of fun for better leisure in two side by side homesites on the waterfront. The homesites are located in the Semiahmoo community with a total of nine homes. Each of the homes is located in a 1.24 acre land with brilliant exposure to the sun. It is located on a 2.48 acre land worth $1,000,000. The property is situated in Semiahmoo area, Pointe Subdivision. It is also a neighbor to a number of schools such as Blaine Elementary School, Blaine Middle School and Blaine High School.