When it comes to psychic readings, you’re probably going to wind up asking yourself: Are absolutely free psychic readings valid? The answer is simple. They’re as valid as if the same psychic had done your reading for a fee.

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The question isn’t really whether or not a free psychic reading is valid so much as it is whether or not a psychic reading is valid at all. If you have faith in the existence of supernatural powers, of psychic insight, then there’s no reason to think that a free reading is any less valid than if the same psychic had been paid to give you your reading.

Consider, if you will, why any business gives away free samples. They want you to see how useful, how effective their service is. Just as with the free samples at the grocery store, the cheeses and snacks on display at the free sample table aren’t any less delicious than the ones in the box.

With psychics, there’s another factor at play, that being that not everyone really believes in this sort of thing at all. But, by taking a free reading, what is there to lose? It’s not as if you’ll have wasted your zero dollars and zero cents if the psychic is just feeding you a line of baloney, so by giving a free reading, the psychic has the opportunity to convert a skeptic. It would be bad business if the psychic wasted this opportunity by giving a sub-par reading or just guessing at the client’s questions.

When you take all of this into consideration, it becomes clear that yes, a free psychic reading is just as valid as if the same psychic had been paid for the same service.

So in other words, what are you waiting for? As we said above, you have absolutely nothing to use with a free reading, but you might have a lot to gain, as there’s absolutely no reason for a free psychic reading to be any less valid than any other.

A free reading is like being handed an envelope with “The Answers” written on it. It’s up to you to believe or not believe that this envelope really has the answers contained within, but only a fool would refuse to open it just because it was handed to them for free. Either you believe in psychic powers or you do not, but you can’t be certain until you give it a try, and you may as well take any opportunity that comes your way to give it a try without paying a cent.