Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of a person, causing tenderness and swelling. As a result of arthritis, the person may experience pain, stiffness and restriction in their movements.

Arthritis can also have an effect on the person’s ability to navigate their way through the bathroom amongst other daily activities which a person without the condition can undertake easily.

But thankfully there are a number of independent living aids or daily living aids that can assist a user suffering from the condition to go about their bathing and toileting routine.

This blog covers toilet aids that can be used by individuals experiencing this painful condition,

Grab Bars

Grab bars are an independent living aid that can be fixed to the wall beside a toilet seat. Simply a metal rod that are designed to allow the user to grip on to something while they sit and raise themselves from a toilet seat.

Grab bars come in various shapes and sizes and each of them has been designed to meet the specific needs of a user, it is best that you contact a medical professional to get advice on the best type of grab bar to meet your needs.

Raised Toilet Seats

Another toilet aid that can be used by individuals with this condition is a raised toilet seat. As the name suggests a raised toilet seat simply raises the seat height of a toilet bowl thus making it easier for a user to sit and raise themselves because it reduces the distance a user has to travel.

Typically the knees don’t need to bend as much when a raised toilet seat is put in place.

Raised toilet seats come in different levels of elevations to suit a variety of individuals and can be attached to a standard toilet bowl by utilising screws or clamps.

There are portable options too for users who feel the need to carry their raised toilet seats along with them for safety and hygiene reasons.

Toilet Safety Frames

Toilet safety frames are designed for users who need more support than a grab bar can offer. This is a metal frame with handles on top for users to get a comfortable grip on and can be adjusted based on a user’s height.

These toilet aids are designed to assist the user to sit and raise themselves from a toilet seat, putting less pressure on the lower body.