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Over Exercising What Happens When You Exercise Too Much

Written on August 31, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Over working your muscles during your workout will break down the muscle cells more then what the body can handle for repair. Therefore, when you exercise and do too many reps or sets with heavy weights, you can rip and tear your muscles.

There is a fine line to where you can push your muscles past the point of failure. When you are lifting weights you want to feel the pump, that burn feeling. This is where the blood is rushing to the muscle you are exercising. But, if you continue to workout after you have felt the burn, there is a good chance you are over exercising your muscles. A good indication of doing too much is when you touch your muscles the next day and it hurts by the touch.

Exercising the Same Muscles on Back to Back Days

The second way you can over train your muscles is if you workout the same muscles on back to back days. This will not give the muscles enough time for recovery and you will not allow your muscles time to grow. You need at least 24 to 48 hours after a workout for your muscles to fully heal and recover before you can exercise them again. This means if you train for your chest on Monday, you should not train your chest again until Wednesday or Thursday.

The dangers of over exercising your muscles is that you will not grow muscle mass. In fact you will do the complete opposite, your muscles will shrink. In both cases when you over train your muscles, your muscles cells are being put through extreme stress. That is more stress then the body can handle and repair.

With the first way of over training, you have split the muscle cells more then the body can handle and you will lose that particular muscle mass. Your body can not quickly repair that much damage and you will have to wait until your soreness is gone before you lift again. In fact, your muscles may start shrinking if you continue to train this way which will defeating the purpose of lifting weights.

In the second case of over exercising your muscles in back to back days, you might have not over trained your muscles in the workout and you may have felt a good healthy pump, but you still need time for the new muscle cells that you have split successfully to grow. If you do not give the new muscles cells time to grow and workout the next day on the same muscle, the muscle remain small and once again defeating the purpose of lifting weights.

The more you work in a monotonic way, the quicker you are bound to bounce back from your routine. It is better to switch the type and mucle with variation to provide uniform toning to the body. Even if you feel slackening to perform hard, make sure you try some fine supplements as Testogen under your trainer’s guidance. Refer to this Testogen review and gather more information to make sure you are getting all you require. 

Reasons Gym Will Improve Life – Check the reasons 

Written on August 30, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Do you want to feel better? Do you wish to have more energy and do you want to live a longer life? The best thing you can do to achieve these things is to engage in physical activities. The health benefits of regular gym exercises can never be underestimated. If you are still asking for reasons why gym activities will help in improving your life, here are some valid reasons to understand, such that you can lead a healthy and happy life:

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  • Combats Health Conditions and Diseases

Are you worried with the family history of heart disease and hypertension? Irrespective of your present weight, when you keep yourself active the high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol levels in your body will increase and it will also help with bringing down unhealthy triglycerides. This in turn will help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses to a great extent. The fact is that regular physical activities will help in the prevention and management of a wide range of health issues and concerns, inclusive of depression, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke and even some types of arthritis and cancer. To combat these health issues, including gym activities in your day-to-day regimen can be the wonderful and safe idea to follow.

  • Improve Self-Confidence

In addition, gym activities on a regular basis will improve your self-confidence to a great extent. The reason stated for the same is that you will feel better about your appearance and this will in turn improve your mood as well. When you are looking for an emotional lift, exercise alone can help you and when you work out in one of your favorite gym machineries, you will feel much better and satisfied about your overall wellness. The reason stated for the same is that physical activities will stimulate a wide range of brain chemicals that will give you a relaxing feeling. All these things will jointly contribute towards improving your self-esteem.

  • Energy Boost:

When you tired with household chores and grocery shopping, the best thing you can do to prevent this sort of tiredness is to include regular physical activities in your daily regimen. When you work out in a gym on a regular basis, it will help with improving your muscle strength and it will also help in boosting your endurance. During and after the workout sessions, your tissues will get the right level of nutrients and oxygen, which in turn will help your cardiovascular system to work in an efficient and effective manner. When your internal organs like lungs and heart work efficiently, your body will have the required level of energy to participate in your day-to-day activities. In short, you will feel stronger to complete your daily chores.

  • Sleep better:

If you are like many other men and women struggling to get into slumber, regular gym exercise can bring you better remedy. When you work out in a gym to begin the day, you will have better energy to perform your chores and with so much physical activities, you will automatically get into deep sleep immediately after lying down. This was your dream for so many years now, isn’t? You can make your dream come true with regular gym exercise

  • Keep weight under control:

Physical activities will help in prevention of excess weight gain and it will also help in achieving weight loss. When you choose the appropriate gym equipment, where in you can exercise all your body parts, you can choose to exercise for the particular part of the body, wherein you need to reduce fat content. The more intense the activities are, the more calories you can burn.


Physical activities and exercises are excellent options to feel better. Also, exercising in a gym will help in choosing different gym devices for working out different parts of your body. When you have specific fitness goals, you can be more specific about the selection of the right device with the help of a fitness trainer. Hope, the points mentioned above might have convinced you of the reasons to engage in physical activities in a gym. Have you planned your schedule?

Barbell Curl And Bodybuilding

Written on August 30, 2021 in Bodybuilding

The Barbell Curl is a great exercise for developing big biceps when bodybuilding. Many people use this exercise as their primary bicep exercise because it targets both biceps. This saves time by working both arms simultaneously and preserves energy so that both biceps are developed equally.

The bicep is a small muscle which doesn’t require a lot of weight or sets for stimulation. Instead, good form with lighter weight will be more effective than bad form with heavy weight.

Barbell Curl And Timing

Timing your reps will help with good form. By using a three seconds count on lowering of the barbell, you will help keep good form by forcing yourself to be slow and controlled on the eccentric movement. By raising the barbell up within one second, you will enable the concentric movement to be fast and explosive.

Barbell Curl And Good Form

Good form for the barbell curl is more than just timing, it is about knowledge of what to do and more importantly, what not to do. Some helpful tips for keeping good form with your curls are…

  • Keep your back straight at all times, never sway or rock your back
  • Keep your elbows motionless and pointed down
  • Having your wrist angled downward will help engage more of the bicep muscle
  • Never use your legs to help raise the barbell.

Unlike the bigger muscle groups like your back and chest which require multiple sets in order to receive the proper stimulation needed. The smaller muscle groups like the biceps and triceps only need a couple sets to receive that same level of stimulation.

Barbell Curl Tip

A good tip to use for getting a great pump in the biceps is to perform your barbell curl exercise after an extreme back routine. Most of the exercises for the back require some bicep activation. After a back routine is completed, the biceps are fully warmed up and can be finished off by a simple set of bicep curls. Keep the weight light and reps high for one to two sets.

Remember that good form is the key to the growth of your biceps. You will see and feel immediate results by performing bicep curls after your back routine.

The barbell curl is safer to perform after a back routine because of the following two reasons…

You are using lighter weights for higher reps to achieve your pump, which helps preserve your form. The biceps are already primed from the secondary movements from the back exercises and are ready to be worked. This method eliminates warm-ups sets and the use of heavy weights which will help prevent injury and saves time in the gym. An additional resource that you can go through that will help you improve the efficiency of your workouts is ​​

Cycling For Weight Loss

Written on August 28, 2021 in Guide

Every sport has its own advantages but even though each of these activities have their own differences, all are known to have health and fitness benefits. If you are an athlete or just a regular hobbyist, playing sports is still one of the best pastime ever created.

So what are your motivations when playing your favorite sport? Do you do it for fun or for losing weight? There are certain sports that have physical requirements so if you are either too thin or obese, you better pick the best ideal game that is suitable for your physique.

I wrote dozens of articles pertaining on some of the best and popular sports that could help you lose weight. This includes swimming, ultimate frisbee, boxing, dancing and many others. If you view exercise routines to be a boring activity, maybe sports can encourage you to get in shape.

To start the week right, I will give you different information about cycling. This activity is known to be a sociable sport, challenging and a great workout. Can it help you lose weight?

Why Cycling to Lose Weight

In today’s high gas prices, more and more people are choosing fuel efficient cars than luxury vehicles to save money from their transportation expenses. This also makes bicycles as an in-demand necessity. If you are one of those people who use a bike, then you are doing the right thing especially with regards to getting fit.

For cyclists, bicycles means a lot and is quite valuable than cars. First, it’s economical and very useful. Second and the most important reasons are its health benefits. Pedaling your way to fitness would give you enjoyment and financial flexibility while improving your over all health.

So how does this activity boost your body’s ability to lose weight? Similar with other sports, riding a bicycle for about an hour can help burn calories while increasing your metabolic rate. Burning more calories is an effective method for losing weight and cycling is one option that you can depend on.

Cycling Weight Loss Benefits

So before I tell you the health benefits, let me inform you about the advantages of cycling with regards to weight loss. is one of the most comprehensive information site in the world of cycling, including of course its health and fitness benefits. This includes the following.

  1. Joint-Safe Activity

Cycling won’t damage or injure your joints compared to those intense exercises or extreme sports like boxing, wrestling or mixed martial arts. Joint protector gears will ensure that you avoid any jarring on your joints so it is perfectly safe from either a beginner to seasoned cyclist. The more you enjoy an activity that offers less health risk, the more you pedal for effective weight loss program.

  1. Improve your Muscle Groups

Want to improve your muscles? Cycling effectively work your quads, legs, hip, glutes and hamstring muscles. It can build lean strong muscle tissues in your lower body parts due to intense pedaling action. When you workout your muscles, you also burn fat that will effectively reduce your weight.

  1. Provides More Ways to Eliminate Fat

Cycling can improve your endurance which helps increase your levels of fatty-acid binding proteins and fat-carrying enzymes. When this occurs, your body will be more capable of transporting fatty acids into your muscle groups. This makes your muscles to be more leaner and stronger, leading to a more fat burning process.

  1. Burn More Calories

If you want to burn more than a hundred of calories a day, then cycling can definitely give you that leverage. A 15 mile ride will help you burn up to 600 calories in just 1 hour. You do it for one week and you will burn more than a pound of your weight.

So if you are jogging or running just to lose weight, it is better if you try cycling for a change. You can lose more calories and will better improve your muscles than any other types of sports or exercise programs. The result? More weight loss!

Health Benefits of Cycling

The first thing that pop-ups to my mind with regards to cycling is that, it’s a pollution free and of course less expensive activity. It requires no training or special skills unlike other sports. So aside from these advantages, what are its health benefits?

Since biking is an endurance activity, you can easily improve your stamina, strength, endurance, flexibility and will help tone every muscle groups in your body. Regular cycling program will improve your lungs and heart, perfect for cardiovascular training. It will lessen your risk of hypertension, stroke, heart diseases and many other conditions.

Riding a bike also reduces your bad cholesterol levels, blood sugar and helps detoxify your body naturally. It also strengthens your immune system while increasing your metabolism for more fat burning action, even when you are done riding your bike. It will also deal with stress, depression and anxiety while boosting your confidence and brings out your sociable side.

As you become a seasoned cyclist, you will develop good posture, stronger back and legs with toned abdominal core. So you don’t have to work like a monster in a gym just to tone your body into your desired shape.

How to Enjoy Your Cycling Experience

To enjoy any activities such as cycling, you must be motivated enough to fully appreciate this endeavor. You need to love every aspect of it, including your bicycle of course. Maintain your bike as much as possible and make sure that it’s always in good condition to ride.

You can ride with your friends and build good relationships, creating friendship and comradeship. You may even plan to try difficult or long distance cycling to give you some physical challenge. An off-road mountain bike adventure is one of the best physical fitness you will ever experience. Win or lose, your health will definitely benefit from it.

If you don’t want a full-time cycling career, you can still benefit from riding your bike. Basically, riding your bike will save you more time with regards to transportation as you can avoid traffic jam and all other road hassles. It will also save you money while helping you lose weight.

In addition to training, it is just as important to feed your body later. If you are looking for a fat burner, check out the Instant Knockout review. It is a high quality fat burner that will help you boost your metabolism and thus lose weight faster. It has also been shown to increase energy levels.

Bodybuilding As A Lifestyle And Its Benefits

Written on August 28, 2021 in Bodybuilding

When the people of ancient Greek had faith that their bodies can reflect the greatness of their Gods, that was actually the first time in history that mankind started to develop bodybuilding as a lifestyle. They constantly then tried to find many ways to make their body bigger and look superior.

Nowadays bodybuilding is not just a lifestyle, it has been developed into something beyond that even as a sport, and not just something people do to please their Gods. Appearance has become something really important in modern people’s life. Moreover, bodybuilding also offers a lot of long-lasting health advantages.

The most obvious advantages are we would have improved muscle mass also increased strength which is important for our everyday activities. Bodybuilding activities also could provoke the body to produce more collagen proteins that could make tendons and ligaments more stronger. This would lower the risk of being injured that could cause you a great pain with a long recovery process. Moreover the stronger tendons and ligaments, joint stability will also increased.

As time goes, you will lose some of your muscles naturally. With bodybuilding, you will automatically pumping iron, and that would make your muscle mass stay preserved much longer and make you stronger. That’s why doing bodybuilding in young age is highly recommended by many professionals. Bone protein as well as mineral could be increased by weight lifting, and this results in giving you stronger bones.

Bodybuilding activities also useful for people trying to lose weight since it would improve the RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) or the minimum quantity of energy needed for important human body functions like breathing, blinking, talking, and so on. That is actually the cause of muscle tissues being metabolically active, and weight lifting helps in creating the muscle tissues. More muscle tissues also enhances workout metabolism. The greater muscle tissues obtained, the greater metabolic rate for resting and exercise, and the final outcome is the fat burning process will also increased during resting and working out. It is a common knowledge which most people already find out that the more calories can be burned, the more chance we can get slimmer, by working out we will replace body fat with muscle mass.

Bodybuilding will also improve blood cholesterol and fats which scientifically proven to be very good for our body. Moreover it also decreases blood pressure, which implies that our heart wouldn’t have to work too hard pumping the blood all over the body.

As much as bodybuilding is regarded as the best to stay in shape, aiding it with the best performance boosters serves it justice for the efforts. Testo Max review blogs state the ultimate benefits the testosterone booster can add to multiply bodybuilding effects. It is a better supplement to energise and strengthen the body aiding best to concentrate more on working out. 

Do Carb Blockers Work

Written on August 28, 2021 in Weight Loss

Are you confused with lots of weight loss supplement variants out there? Can’t identify the differences between carb blockers, appetite suppressants and fat burners? If you can’t decide which one to choose to primarily support your weight loss program, then you probably have to learn it one by one.

To start on the right foot, I’ll give you an in-depth look about carb blocker, one of the most abundant weight loss products in the market today. Read on and learn if this type of supplement is the one you really need in overcoming weight gain.

Facts about Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which can be found in most kinds of food. Carbohydrates are one of three building blocks of all life form, the other two are proteins and fats.

Carbohydrates are essential part of a healthy diet. Although there are known “bad” and “good” carbs, both classifications shouldn’t encouraged you to avoid carbohydrates. Taking carbs in moderation is the best way to achieve any health goal.

Once you consume carbs, it turns into glucose which is used by the body as energy. However, excess carbohydrate intake could slow your body’s ability in converting it into glucose. The excess glucose will not be used as energy but instead stored in fatty cells as a reserved energy.

This reserved energy is beneficial as it helps keep your body from hunger. However, these stored energy also has its own disadvantage. It becomes the actual fat, which gives you added weight.

This made people to think that carbohydrates is a big contributor to weight gain. This perception became more popular when Atkins Diet was introduced. Atkins is a type of fad eating regimen that limits your carb intake. With that in mind, the public started to avoid “carb foods”, even without applying Atkins diet, thinking that carbohydrates can cause weight gain.

Carbohydrate may constitute to weight gain, but it is not the only culprit. You also have to look at fatty and sugary foods that can affect you calorie intake. All of which can slow your metabolism and will make your weight suffer.

What are Carb Blockers

Carb blockers are weight loss products that works by simply blocking the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. As mentioned earlier, not all carbs are bad for your health. Taking carb blockers could deprive your body with essential carbs that could improve your over-all health.

Carb blockers comes in many form such as pills, tablets or capsules. There are dozens of over-the-counter carb blocking products, which are readily available for you. However, its effectiveness and over-all reported success are all doubtful.

How Do Carb Blockers Work

Most carb blockers are organically produced. However, over-the-counter card blockers have unknown chemical ingredients that may be harmful to health. So if you are to choose which product to buy, choose the organic ones.

Most dieters are taking carb blockers before meal, mainly because of its inhibiting effects on how the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase, converts or utilize carbs. It blocks the carbs from being digested by the body and disposing it safely out of the body.

Most carb blockers are composed of plant extracts such as capsicum, phaseolus vulgaris, white kidney beans and many others. Other products are supported with other organic ingredients such as vanadium, fenugreek and many others, which intends to increase its effectiveness.

Will Carb Blockers Help You Lose Weight

So it boils down to one question, will carb blockers help you lose weight? If you browse the Internet and look for some reviews on some of the best carb blocking products online, you will see mixed opinions. Some would even look or sound fishy as they only intend to sell you carbohydrate blockers.

Some research such as the one published by Mayo Clinic, suggested that carb blockers don’t work at all. If it do works, then why there are still millions of overweight people in America alone? Though studies like this one are not completely conclusive, it have good points to support its claims.

Interestingly, carb blockers works perfectly on people with high metabolism. When you say metabolism, it is the body’s process of burning or eliminating the food you eat. The more faster your body ingest foods, the more you have control over your weight. But if you have low metabolic rate, then you will store more fat which increases your weight.

Diet and lifestyle changes are often the best way to support long-lasting weight loss and maintenance. However, in some cases, healthcare providers may recommend best appetite suppressant supplements or prescription drugs based on your personal needs. Always talk to your doctor about any weight loss medication or weight loss supplement you are considering. Given your health and physical condition, this helps to ensure that it is safe for you.

There are many ways to boost up your metabolism. This include consistent physical workout and of course, healthy diet. One more benefit of carb blockers is that, it has the ability to boost up your metabolism, which helps you to lose weight.

Proper Gym Decorum Tips – Check the tips

Written on August 27, 2021 in Weight Loss

I am sure most of you reading this blog had an experienced working out in your local gym. Whether your purpose is to build muscles or to lose weight, a regular gym work can be the perfect fitness program.

You can implement some essential tips for the purchase of the best fat burners for women. The availability of the fitness is possible for women. The reduction in the weight is provided as per the needs and requirements of the individuals. The fitness is available to the women as per the expectation. 

A gym is a stressful place especially if you are beginner. You have to deal with noise, naked people in the changing room, sweats on the gym equipments, the intimidating factor of the instructor and many others. So if you don’t behave well on your first day at the gym, you might get a rude welcome from seasoned gym workers.

Proper decorum, manners, etiquette or any way you call it are essential factors for an enjoyable exercise regimen. Not just for your own good, but also for others who are using the gym.

An article published in this site shows that UK adults have personally experienced bad gym decorum which includes nudity, not washing their clothes after workout and many other unpleasant manners inside the gym. If this sounds like you, then you better read this post.

So if you are seeing weird things inside the gym or if you are the one initiating these bad behaviors, then the following decorum tips could greatly help improve your over all gym experience.

Ideal Gym Decorum Tips

  1. Always Follow the Rules

Every gym has its own policies or rules with regards to the use of all of its facilities and equipments. Following each policies won’t just make the management happy, but will also create a good relationship with other workers inside the gym.

  1. Always Clean any Equipment After Use

Working out means sweating a lot. If you think your sweat transfers to any gym equipment that you used, make sure that you wipe or clean it thoroughly to prevent the spread of bacteria and skin infections.

  1. Bring the Right Gym Kit

Towels, fresh clothing, cologne and even antiperspirant deodorant are essential tools if you are working out in a gym. People with irritating smell can turn off other people to work out. If you want to get the approval of other people inside the gym, think about your hygiene before and after workout.

  1. Be Considerate when Using the Shower Room

Having a personal rules with regards to the use of shower room is an important gym etiquette. Most people would spend half an hour in the shower, ignoring those people waiting in line. Other people takes a lot of space when changing clothes, which is so inconsiderate to others who also need space. Make sure that you avoid these behaviors inside the shower room.

  1. Place Everything Back in Order

Gym is not a hotel where you can just leave every tools everywhere after use. Never expect someone to put those things back for you as this is totally a bad manner. Again, be considerate on other people who will use gym equipments after you. This includes dumbbells, weights, jumping ropes and many others.

  1. Keep Yourself Covered

Unnecessary nudity is not always a pleasant scene for most gym users. Showing off excessively is against most gym policies. It’s irritating and will make people to be unease with the gym environment. Make sure that you avoid getting naked in front of other people inside the gym.

Proper Gym Decorum Summary

Your gym behavior reflects who you are so make sure that you follow proper gym decorum. Keep other people to be more convenient working in a gym through your proper gym etiquette.

Weight Lifting Routines Also Good For Muscle Building

Written on August 27, 2021 in Bodybuilding

Weight lifting is a very effective way for you to control weight loss and at the same time ensure that you have a well-toned, well-defined body. Along with a regimen that includes a healthy, well-balanced diet and a workout plan that provides a combination of different types of muscle-building exercises, a weight-lifting plan will do your body wonders. In fact, it will improve your body tenfold. You will be surprised at the amazing effects that will unfold before your very eyes. All you need to do is learn as much as you can from online resources provided by the like of Theislandnow as you start building your muscles.

What is involved in weight lifting? Well, it is actually using weights in order for you to develop strength in certain targeted areas as well as promote the growth of your muscles. This also falls under the category of resistance training and it has lately been gaining popularity, as weight lifting enables you to target specific areas. It really is a versatile kind of exercise.

In weight lifting, you lift and lower weights that are usually held by hand. These weights are lifted in an extremely controlled manner. You do not lift weights and quickly lower them down. You raise it and lower it slowly and deliberately, exercising control the whole time. Mind you, weight lifting involves doing a certain number of exercises that target different parts of your body. These muscle-building exercises are repeated a certain number of times within a set.

For a weight lifting routine to be effective, you should combine it with a good, balanced diet. The diet should be filled with healthy and nutritious food. Another important combination is to add some cardiovascular exercises to your weight-lifting exercise plan. These three, when used in tandem, will do wonders for your body.

Here are some weight-lifting bodybuilding exercises you can try: bicep curls, power clean, sit-ups, bench press, shoulder press, calf raise, leg press, chest press, leg extension, back squats, and lower back extensions. This is just part of a long list of exercises. There are still plenty more on the list. There are also quite a number of variations so you can experiment to find the exercises that best suit you and that can best develop the areas you want to build up.

What Is Weight Management?

Written on August 26, 2021 in Weight Loss

What is Weight Management? Weight management is an important aspect of living a full and healthy life. In the olden days, weight management wasn’t an issue due to the increase physical labor and strength. Hence, people used to live a natural and healthy life. But recently due to various problems like pollution, sedimentary lifestyle, and exposure to harmful toxins; it is important to consider weight management as a viable part of our daily routine

Weight management means to manage and promote a healthy lifestyle due to various changes in our diet and day-to-day activities. Weight management also stresses on the energy expenditure and energy intake balance. Ideally you should be consuming the energy required for your lifestyle and not more than that. However, since we find it difficult to equate the energy intake with energy expenditure, we tend to start doing physical exercises to cover the deficit. Weight management also requires us to incorporate healthy eating habits. Moderation of your food intake according to your body’s needs is an important factor in managing your weight.

There are various ways in which you can incorporate weight management in your lifestyle. Important changes to your diet include the consumption of vegetables and low calorie foods. If you manage to cut down on carbs only as to provide your body with enough adequate energy then weight management becomes a whole lot easier. Increasing your protein intake is also a must-do because proteins fill you up really fast. Not only this, but proteins help to rapidly metabolize your body fat. They can help to bring down your body fat percentage and also supply you with enough energy to complement your lifestyle. It is a good idea to increase your protein intake during breakfast.

Another helpful tactic in weight management is to use smaller plate sizes. This is part of the psychological aspect of weight management. If you eat a full plate of smaller portions then your brain signals your stomach that it has consumed one portion already and you start to feel less hungry. Also, small portion sizes means small calorie intake.

Another important aspect of weight management includes incorporating exercises that promote a complete body workout. These include exercises like cycling, running, swimming, hiking, sports etc. Weight management can be easy if you make these minor alterations to your lifestyle and as a result, you can live a long and healthy life.

Moreover, having an active and fit body is the key to maintenance. Instead of fad diets or spot reduction, it has been found best to polish the body, inherently activating the lethargic metabolism. You can take the help of some best fat burners for men to immunise and strengthen the body naturally. More than cure, you can easily target the roots to heal the problem. 

About Tarot Deck Gaian Tarot And Theislandnow

Written on August 24, 2021 in Reference and Education

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Gaian Tarot Major Arcana deck, created by artist Joanna Powell Colbert. Last week, she announced the completion of the Minors, this the culmination of an ambitious nine-year project.

As Colbert herself says, “The Gaian Tarot is an expression of my own eclectic, earth-centred Goddess spirituality. It celebrates the living Earth and those who seek to live in harmony with Her. I asked these questions as I created each card: What about the earth? What does the voice of the earth have to say? Where is nature in the meaning of this card?

The Gaian Tarot grew out of my relationship with the natural world where I live and the people of my community. Many of the scenes in the deck are based on sketches from my nature journals and photos I’ve taken of local landscapes. Some scenes are quite recognizable to people who know the Pacific Northwest.”

So if you also want to get into these tarot reading and want to have some knowledge, then you first have to gain knowledge about psychic reading, and that you will get on the best website known as theislandnow as anyone can get access to it and it is the safer website.

What I Like About the Gaian Tarot

First, I like that the traditional Tarot suits (Cups, Pentacles, Wands, Swords) now carry the name of the elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Air). In addition, the courts are now more representative of “real” people, with ranks of Children, Explorers, Guardians, and Elders.

Of these changes, my favourite is the Knights morphing into Explorers. Over time, I’ve realized that Knights are my favourite of the Courts – probably because I tend to jump into things – sometimes without looking. That they are now “explorers” makes me feel less like I’m tilting at windmills and more like I’m on a voyage of discovery!

In addition, I find the images to be stunning, and as a non-artist, enjoyed reading Colbert’s article on her own Tarot deck creative process. The article details the creation of the High Priestess card, from conception to photography to Photoshop, line drawing, and colored pencil painting. After reading about her process, I can understand why completing the 78 cards took so many years.

How You Can Get Your Gaian Tarot Deck

If you want to order Gaian Tarot, you can pre-order today, receiving the deck scheduled for the Spring Equinox 2010. This special pre-order includes several goodies, including a hand-designed bag, amulet, expanded book, blessing herbs, and (for orders paid in full by November 3, 2009, your choice of a limited edition print. When you are pre-order, you pick a 4 x 6 or 3.5 x 5.25 deck size. I opted for 4 x 6, as I’ve never had problems shuffling a large deck. Plus, that size is great to display in a class.

If the limited edition $197 is too much for the budget all at once, you can spread payments out over four months. But hurry, as the cost rises to $247 after November 3. Another alternative is waiting til 2011, when Llewellyn will mass-produce it. *Note, the Llewellyn deck will be smaller than either of the limited editions.


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